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    Army ROTC 2022-2023 3rd Board

    My daughter got a 3 year!!! Got a couple emails today.
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    Rotc last board

    My daughter has completed all Army ROTC scholarship items (better late than never). Today is the deadline. Her portal is still showing interview pending but she completed that last week. When she contacted PMS, they stated they would complete it tomorrow. Isn't the deadline today for...
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    USMA 2021 Appointment Thread

    What district in PA?
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    TWE to Appointment

    Does this really happen or was that a mistake?
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    Is a wave coming

    We did not get anything yet. I was just wondering if those that got the TWE, if it was in the mail or on the portal.
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    Is a wave coming

    Did you get letter in the mail 1st and then in the portal or only in the portal?
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    Is a wave coming

    Those getting TWE notices on your portal, did you receive mail notification first?
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    Continuing ROTC application and scholarship

    Thank you for your reply.
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    Continuing ROTC application and scholarship

    I'm sorry. Army ROTC.
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    Continuing ROTC application and scholarship

    If you were not chosen this year for a scholarship, do you just continue your online portal going into freshman year of college or is there paperwork directly from the college ROTC that needs to be filled out for a future campus based scholarship? Also, if there are candidates who received the...
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    Cadet Command releasing more 3y Scholarships

    Did they say how you go about applying?
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    Cancel the ROTC scholorship

    So when someone declines an ROTC scholarship, do they offer next in line? Congrats on the CGA.
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    Army ROTC 3rd Scholarship Board Results

    Are the portals still updating or are they all done?
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    USMA 2021 Appointment Thread

    Nor Pa-18
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    USMA 2021 Appointment Thread

    Is the Presidential nomination the same as the VP Nomination that you fill out the form for, or are they different? And do you see those under your nominations on your portal?
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    High Anxiety

    It would be nice to know outside of the appointment thread, how many have accepted. Of course that could add to the anxiety.
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    Fingerprint and e-QIP

    That's what I thought as well BSCAR. It's been there. Along with the SAT/ACT info
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    3Q Letter

    So lots in the GL region getting changes on their portal today. Is that how it usually works, by region?
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    PA Nominations-class of 2021

    No. We have the nom. Just waiting to hear about an appt.
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    Chance me?

    From the moment my DS decided that USMA was the path he wanted, he knew that he was responsible to take the steps to make it happen. As a parent, I was there to help him decide on a course of action if needed but it was he who had to open his portal, write his essays, contact his teachers...