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    New cadet visitation day

    DD mentioned in her call her difficulty with land nav. Does anyone know what happens if they do not pass this requirement? She was quite stressed.
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    March back 8/14/2017

    You heard them on R Day announcing "for the safety of the cadets" please do not run onto the parade grounds. When the sprinklers went on I thought that was to deter any moms from clinging to their cadets!!!
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    New cadet visitation day

    Thank you for hosting!! I am sure you know how much they need the break and look forward to it... and of course us parents too!!
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    Pull Ups on R Day (females)

    Thank you so much! The best of luck to you, and thank you for your service!!
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    Pull Ups on R Day (females)

    My DD is extremely nervous about not being able to do any pull Ups on R Day. She did bent arm hang for CFA so it is not an issue of falsifying her reported abilities. Could someone provide insight as to what will happen if she is not able to do any on R Day? She has images in her mind of...
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    Which iPad did you pick?

    Very interested in this post. My daughter is afraid of she picks the most expensive of all option that she will be left with no stipend. Any thoughts are welcome.
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    Blood Type - Proof of Blood Type, USMA

    I believe the varicella test only has to be done to prove they had chicken pox. Most 18 year olds got the immunization to prevent getting chicken pox, so we just showed proof of that with dates from the dr.
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    Blood Type - Proof of Blood Type, USMA

    Our dr gave us a lab form/request to go have blood tested and we then plan to attach that report from the lab to the immunization form. Hoping it will suffice.
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    Wisdom Teeth?

    But FYI, my DD will need to have them out before R Day. Once appointed, a panoramic X-ray is needed as well as a dental review completed by your dentist to certify that there are no impacted teeth. We should have taken care of this last summer!!
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    Admissions from New York

    I know of three appointments from NY-01 if that helps. Best of luck!
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    Current USMA Instructor reach out

    Thank you for taking the time to answer questions. My DD has accepted her appointment and is concerned about course validation. She took Calc BC last year and is currently taking and doing well in multi variable Calc as well as AP Stats and Chem. Do you find your students who do validate...
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    For those that have received an appointment for 2021 class

    Congrats!! I am rooting for your sister now!!!!
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    Chance me?

    He was a troll. Search his posts. A previous one asked how long he had to be "drug free" and if he needed to report cocaine use in DoDMERB. Every post has the same tone.
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    Chance me?

    I would imagine asking a question and then attacking those that take the time to respond when you don't like the answer is not an admirable quality of an officer in the USMA.
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    Did I get a nomination???

    Congrats!!! What a nice surprise!!
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    USMA 2021 Appointment Thread

    1. WestPointRudy / DD / LOA / Appt. Dec 28, 2016 /Accepted / MN - 03 / Congressional Nomination 2. SBBM9901 / DS / LOA / Appt. October 24, 2016 /Accepted / FL / Congressional Nomination 3. ebbinns / DS / LOA / Appt. January 14, 2017 /Accepted / MI - 02 / Congressional Nomination 4...
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    Nomination Question

    When you are studying for your Chem midterm in the library with your friends and your MOC calls you..... Appointment in the mail!!!!
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    500 USMA Appointments Mailed Out Today

    Same boat here.... still waiting for nom for DD to be posted on portal one month after receiving it. Deep breaths.
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    500 USMA Appointments Mailed Out Today

    Thank you for sharing such a great story! Kudos to mom for knowing your team would want to watch you achieve your dream!! Best of luck!!!
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    Super-score SAT

    Yes, ACT is superscored too!