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    NROTC Nurse Option

    I am currently in the NROTC program with a 4 year Nurse Option Scholarship. However, there's very little information about the Nursing ROTC Program available on the website. Does anyone know anything about the Nurse summer cruises specifically? Or has anyone gone through or knows anyone who...
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    DoDMERB Status Update Unavailable

    OK this makes me feel a little better. I have my NSO on Sunday and I'm just hoping that this will not cause any major trouble since the unit was alerted that I qualified months ago.
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    NSTC Travel Authorization Letter

    I am reporting to my NROTC Unit next week and they just sent an email to bring a copy of the NSTC Travel Authorization letter. I have checked all emails, and my rotc scholarship status, however I have not received this letter at all. Does anyone know where I can find this or how I can obtain it?
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    DoDMERB Status Update Unavailable

    I passed all my physical exams and qualified months ago. My status was updated and there had been no problems. However, my NROTC unit is requesting a copy of my DoDMERB completed physical exam and qualification letter. I logged in and under "View My Status", all it said was "Qualified Restricted...