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    Inappropriate Relationships 200 and POC

    I was hoping to get some help on some issues that are going on at our DET. Is there an AFI governing how POC and GMC interact and what counts as inappropriate relationships (drinking with GMC etc.).
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    Hey does anyone know around what time EADs will drop?
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    Rated Supplemental Board

    Any word if we are going to hear back about the supplemental board this week or next?
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    Gold Bar

    Hey I had a question regarding the gold bar recruiting program. If I have a rated slot will it look bad if I apply for the gold bar recruiting program or will it look good as a special assignment?
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    Hello I am an RPA select and I am about to go to my Flight Physical. I had a quick question. What is the difference between a Flying Class I/II physical? Thanks for all the help!
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    2017 AFROTC LEAD Info

    Does anyone know when cadets will find out about when their MAX dates are?
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    Flight Physical

    I had a quick question regarding the Flight Physical. I am scheduled to go get my Flight Physical done in like 2 months for RPA. I saw on an older thread something about cavities being a DQ. The reason why I ask is because I have my regular teeth cleaning at my dentist this summer. However...
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    RPA Pipeline

    Hello I was just picked up for a RPA slot and was wondering if any one knows how the training pipeline works? Thank for all the help!
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    2017 AFROTC Rated Selection Thread

    RPA!!! GPA: 3.5 PFA: 95.7 PCSM: 16 (33 Pilot, 22 hours) FT: 0 (I did not go yet deferred EA) RSS: ??/10 (Probably 2 )
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    Field Training or LEAD

    Hello I am just trying to see if anyone else has heard anything about Field Training being changed to LEAD. If anyone has any additional information about the changes to Field Training I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Field Training Manual

    Thanks but I couldn't find it there. Does anyone know if it's out or if anyone's Det has passed out the field training manuals for 2017
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    Field Training Manual

    Has the 2017 FT Manual been released yet?
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    Rated Date

    I'm asking on behalf of a fellow cadet. They did not take the TBAS yet and asked me when it was due by. I told them I thought it was soon but one of our tech sgt said February. I was just wondering because if that's the case I can get more flight hours as well. I just thought every thing was due...
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    Rated Date

    hey I was wondering when is info due for the AFROTC rated boards? One of my cadre said all the info was due some time in Jan and the results came out in Feb. Does anyone have exact dates?? Thanks for all the help!
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    AFSC longevity

    I am going up for the Rated Boards but if for the off chance I do not get selected I am trying to investigate other Officer Jobs in the Air Force. I would like to stay in the Air Force as long as I can. What AFSC's are more likely for someone to stay in and do 20 years? Thank you for all the help!
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    What is the AFOQT score requirement for RPA? Is it based off of the pilot score/pcsm?
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    AFROTC Rated Boards 2017

    Hey does anyone know when the information for the AFROTC Rated Boards 2017 is due?
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    Low PCSM

    hahahaha nope not trolling. I was able to get a waiver and I retook the AFOQT and passed. I just was asking because I was curious. Thanks though!
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    Low PCSM

    I was wondering how low of a PCSM score has anyone has seen someone get selected for Pilot with? I have a pretty terrible PCSM but I am getting as many hours as I can to increase the score.
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    Ya but I got a 5 PCSM and I already took the AFOQT 2 times and have a 31 pilot section on the AFOQT so I feel pretty hopeless when it comes to the rated borders. If I get like 200 hours I can bring my score currently to a 37 but I do not have the money now or the time before the boards meet.