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    Super Bowl XLVIII

    Rooting for the Seahawks 100%. It's going to be a close game but Seattle wins 30-27. MVP = Russell Wilson I respect the Broncos and Peyton Manning but this is our year!:beer1:
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    Legalizing recreational use of pot in CO

    I work for the WA State Liquor Control Board and I want to clarify a couple things in this post. There will not be a new department in our agency. The licensing will be handled by the same employees who currently license businesses for alcohol sales, we may need to hire a couple more people, but...
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    Training suspended for new Afghan recruits

    Thanks NorwichDad. I got word from him that he arrived in A-stan yesterday, so all prayers are very welcome. Reading today's Stars and Stripes online I found this article regarding the green on blue attacks: "Previously rejected report is now key to US effort to curb insider killings in...
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    Training suspended for new Afghan recruits

    "Hundreds Fired in Afghan Insider Probe" I'm glad to see something is being done, although this should have happened from the beginning.
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    Another 2 Pilots Dead

    Sending prayers for the families and friends of these soldiers. RIP
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    Training suspended for new Afghan recruits

    It makes me physically sick to hear that security issues were ignored so that they wouldn't hinder recruitment of Afghan forces. My son is set to deploy within days and these green on blue attacks really concern me. I would be torn apart if he lost his life over there but I don't know if I could...
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    Americans tune out as Afghan war rages on

    I agree. I’m not saying the American public needs to give more recognition or praise to the military. I do think the level of public apathy regarding war is disgusting. Everyone was all gung-ho on getting out of Iraq but you don’t hear the same about Afghanistan. If more people cared maybe we...
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    Americans tune out as Afghan war rages on

    So are you saying that makes it okay to ignore what is going on in Afghanistan? If it is predetermined and meaningless lets pull all Americans out now instead of 2014. I heard today that we have surpassed 2,000 American troops dead in the Afghanistan war. It took 9 years to reach 1,000 deaths...
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    Americans tune out as Afghan war rages on

    I don't think this is a surprise to those of us on SAF. What the Kardashians are doing is more important.:barf:
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    Been a tough stretch

    I agree that there are differences and that the nature of one’s service is not irrelevant. My problem is with the superior attitude of some who think “I am more of a patriot because I do (fill in the blank).” My thanks to that SEAL and that bus driver because they both CHOSE to serve when...
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    Been a tough stretch

    I can’t believe what I am reading on Service Academy Forums of all places! Is minimizing the service of others who don’t serve in a combat zone really helping anyone? In my opinion all this does is make good people feel bad. Anyone who willingly takes an oath to serve knows they may give their...
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    Happy Birthday Screaming Eagles!

    My son is enjoying the Week of Eagles. It’s a nice break since his deployment is coming soon. If you are on Facebook check out the "101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)" page for pictures and stories this week.
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    Ultimate Sacrifice - Maj. Thomas Kennedy

    Another loss for the West Point family. Maj. Kennedy was a 2000 grad and former TAC at the academy. Prayers for his family, especially his wife and two small children.
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    Ultimate Sacrifice - 1Lt Todd W. Lambka

    The second 2010 grad to be KIA this last week. RIP
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    June 14, 1775 - The Army Birthday

    I agree, but it is slightly better than the "Army of one" crap they had for a few years. Why did they ever change "Be all you can be"? I will always like that one. Happy Birthday Army!
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    MOS/Unit Selection

    This thread has good info about the new branching process:
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    Apartments around Fort Benning

    Sounds like your son is on the same path as mine. Good luck to him!
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    Ultimate Sacrifice - 2LT David Rylander

    A 2011 graduate and a friend of my son. RIP West Point graduate David Rylander of Stow killed in action in Afghanistan:
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    Hotel Recommendations for Ft. Benning

    The week before last we were at Ft. Benning for our son's Ranger graduation. We stayed at the Best Western on Macon Rd. It was clean, the area seemed safe, and it was right off exit 6. There was a La Quinta Inn across the street as well.
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    Apartments around Fort Benning

    NorwichDad - thanks! He passed and we attended his Ranger graduation last Friday. We are so proud of him. At lunch after graduation he said he could hardly believe that tab he was wearing was real - it has been a goal for so long now. On to the next goal = being a platoon leader in the 101st...