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  1. MohawkArmyROTC

    Retroactive Stipend Pay, Immigrant with Citizenship

    You would only get back pay to your contracting date if there was a pay issue that caused non-payment. You do not get back pay to a conditional contract date, as you are not really contracting at that time.
  2. MohawkArmyROTC

    Retroactive Stipend Pay, Immigrant with Citizenship

    Are you in Army ROTC? The stipend is as of your contact date. There is no retroactive stipend payment, as you don't receive a stipend for being conditionally contracted.
  3. MohawkArmyROTC

    SMP and USUHS

    You will not be able to do do an Ed Delay through ROTC, as you will not get a DD368 approved for that. Generally you will not be released from a GRFD scholarship. The only exceptions are the award of an HPSP scholarship or acceptance to USUHs. These exceptions (as well as the prohibition of...
  4. MohawkArmyROTC

    Untruthful on ROTC scholarship

    To be fair, the OP was given good advice and accurate explanations from multiple sources, and I outlined the reality of how deception could be discovered and the direct consequences. When posters tend to ignore reasonable answers to their questions and advice, and are still looking for ways to...
  5. MohawkArmyROTC

    How could changing my last name effect the scholarship process?

    In regards to the Army. You are tracked by SSN and cadet ID number. If you get a scholarship award it will be under the old name. Once you enroll in ROTC, you will have to provide the name change documents to update your name in the database records.
  6. MohawkArmyROTC

    Untruthful on ROTC scholarship

    Last time I checked, federal trumps state. The question of arrest does not include the caveat "check no if your state does not require juveniles to report". The question is direct and to the point. You chose to lie. There is no valid justification for that. What has convinced you that looking...
  7. MohawkArmyROTC

    Untruthful on ROTC scholarship

    I am speaking from the Army ROTC perspective. Whether or not you have a scholarship offer, you will be asked that question again when you arrive on campus to enroll. That creates a written record. You will get fingerprinted and a background investigation for a security clearance upon...
  8. MohawkArmyROTC

    Army ROTC 2022-2023 2nd Board

    That doesn't sound right as ROTC programs don't get the hip pocket scholarship until around May after the National Process is complete. They could be saying they will give her one, but they don't actually have one to give at the moment. That scholarship offer actually comes from Cadet Command...
  9. MohawkArmyROTC

    How difficult is it to get active duty from army rotc normal college vs smc?

    There may no longer be advantage in getting AD by going to an SMC. It used to be that the PMS at an SMC could override a low OMS score for a cadet and bump them up to AD if referred to the reserves. However, with Talent Based Branching, that Army ROTC has switched to, your OMS score no longer...
  10. MohawkArmyROTC

    Army ROTC 2022-2023 2nd Board

    @AetosSA @Momtomany I am not here to burst bubbles, but I am a pragmatic person and want to provide realistic expectation management. I can be very sure, in that the Scholarship Program Manager at Cadet Command briefs the ROOs in my BDE every year on the National HS Scholarship Process...
  11. MohawkArmyROTC

    Army ROTC 2022-2023 2nd Board

    No, you did not get selected for a scholarship this board. All selectees were updated to "Winner" last THU. The portal can be wonky at times with the other status. Good luck on the selections after the third board.
  12. MohawkArmyROTC

    Army ROTC 2022-2023 2nd Board

    The ECP scholarship is for 2yrs at a Junior Military college. You earn your associates and are commissioned into the reserve/guard after two years. You then have to complete your undergrad at another school. It is not likely to be able to go onto active duty as an ECP cadet. Only accept the ECP...
  13. MohawkArmyROTC

    Army ROTC Boards

    3.5 Yr campus based scholarships are very rare.
  14. MohawkArmyROTC

    Army NG SMP + ROTC

    @armyrotcmom Here is some info from the horse's mouth for you: 1. Sounds like your son is not on any type of scholarship, and is talking about contracting non-scholarship. What did he get exactly for his second semester? It wasn't an Army scholarship. There are Minuteman Scholarships available...
  15. MohawkArmyROTC

    Army ROTC 2022-2023 2nd Board

    "File Upload" Tab of the application.
  16. MohawkArmyROTC

    Can Army pull 3-year ROTC scholarship before it begins?

    The scholarship offer is conditional, not "iron clad". 3AD scholarships need to be validated by the PMS the july after completion of Freshman year. The validation is that the cadet has passed the ACFT, is DODMERB qualified, and has a 2.5 sem and cum gpa.
  17. MohawkArmyROTC

    Army ROTC 2022-2023 2nd Board

    The letter will arrive via mail in the next couple of weeks. However, a digital letter has been uploaded to the application portal. It should be under one of the tabs, and your status is updated to "Winner".
  18. MohawkArmyROTC

    Your thoughts please

    You have to reach out to the school that you want to conduct the interview with. For Army ROTC, best to contact the Recruiting Operations Officer at the closest ROTC BN.
  19. MohawkArmyROTC

    If disenrolled can the repayment be waived by becoming an officer in another branch

    Not likely, as you owe the scholarship money to the branch of service that you were disenrolled from, not the new branch. You would also be hard pressed to commission in another branch if you were disenrolled. That would require a waiver from the new branch.
  20. MohawkArmyROTC

    Dropping before MSII year

    If you Army ROTC you can drop prior to the start of sophomore year without obligation or recoupment. Speak to your cadre, as you will need to be disenrolled from the program.