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  1. NavyNOLA

    3 vs. 4 year NROTC scholarship

    If they'll have 30 or more credits when they decide to start applying, it'll be via the side load process at the particular unit being transfered to. However, there's nothing to stop someone from doing the online Navy 4-year national prior to the 31 JAN deadline and listing the desired transfer...
  2. NavyNOLA

    I'm Out. Best Wishes All.

    My time at Tulane NROTC has come to an end, and so has my time hanging around these boards. It's been a pleasure chatting with many of you over the past couple years. To those applicants on the site, best wishes to you all. You have an amazing journey in front of you in the form of ROTC if...
  3. NavyNOLA

    Incoming Freshmen Project Go?

    While I'm not 100% positive, I'd tell you that the first time a student is eligible is the summer after freshman year. I've worked with a few mids on project GO apps and don't remember any details allowing for students to apply prior to entering ROTC/starting school.
  4. NavyNOLA

    NROTC Marine Option

    Statistically speaking, the Marine scholarship is harder to earn than the Navy scholarship, by a factor of close to two (based on last years data). This is based on applicants and awards given.
  5. NavyNOLA

    NROTC Late Activation --- Reimbursement for Fall tuition?

    You have to apply for reimbursement. It would be dependent upon the reason for delay in activation. Talk to the staff. It's entirely case by case.
  6. NavyNOLA

    Re-applying for 4 yr NROTC - 30 Credit max

  7. NavyNOLA

    NROTC -MO status question

    Your OSO or other member of the recruiting team may contact you, especially if they want to help you improve your package for the spring board. But I don't believe you receive any notification via NETFOCUS.
  8. NavyNOLA

    NROTC Second Board

    Marine are separate. They have one fall and one spring board, conducted by region. The fall boards are already done.
  9. NavyNOLA

    Ineligible for NROTC Scholarship

    No it is not. Your combined score is the sum or your math and English scores. It's not the ACT composite score. Read the NROTC website. The math and English score sum needs to equal a 47 to be eligible to apply for the scholarship. However, when it asks you to list your composite score on...
  10. NavyNOLA

    New third class summer cruise for Marine options

    Haven't heard. More details will likely come out in mid to late January, when NSTC typically starts sending summer cruise info to the units.
  11. NavyNOLA

    New third class summer cruise for Marine options

    Definitely. A return to the sea.
  12. NavyNOLA

    Navy ROTC Board

    The coordinators are likely assuming, based upon the amount of time it generally takes from when a package is submitted to when it's boarded. There are a few steps that happen in between.
  13. NavyNOLA

    Navy ROTC Board

    11-15 DEC
  14. NavyNOLA

    NROTC Second Board

    The next scheduled board is 11-15 DEC, the last of 2017. There are 6 scheduled for 2018, but they don't always use all of them.
  15. NavyNOLA


    Well you can fail any/all of the three sections, yes. There are scores that separate a satisfactory (and up) score from a failing score. If your scores are in the Good-outstanding range, do not worry. The AFA is not weighted all the heavily in the selection process. You can lose points if...
  16. NavyNOLA

    NROTC ‘unsubmitted’ application

    No idea. Work with the scholarship coordinator/recruiter to get the issue taken care of. Very strange. Never heard of it before.
  17. NavyNOLA

    NROTC -MO status question

    Results for the fall Marine boards have not officially been released on NETFOCUS/to the units yet. Perhaps later this week/early next week....
  18. NavyNOLA

    why aren't all majors listed in the NROTC application ?

    There are literally 4819503824559294 majors among the hundreds (thousands?) of colleges in the country. They can't list them all. The list they use are most of the common ones. The major isn't important- the tier is. Select a major that is in the same tier as the major that you'd like to...
  19. NavyNOLA

    Ineligible for NROTC Scholarship

    My first thought jumps to ACT/SAT test minimums, which increased this year. Verify your eligibility against the NROTC website. If you are within limits, email your scholarship coordinator for further explanation.