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  1. hornetguy

    Not getting pilot slot

    I graduated in 2010 with a pilot slot (and medically qualified). Did grad school for 3 years in CA while my pilot slot was on hold Color vision rules/test changed when I entered UPT in 2014. Long story fighting it but ultimately not allowed to continue UPT Petitioned to separate and did so in...
  2. hornetguy

    Color Vison, CCT, UPT

    I went through the color vision journey back in 2014/2015 and decided to separate due to my experience: I'm sad that timing sucked and during the timeframe I was challenging the CCT, the standard...
  3. hornetguy


    Just about any modern vehicle produced after 1990(?) is going to be knocked out by an EMP. Pretty much all modern cars and trucks have significant use of onboard computers and chips that will be wiped out by an EMP. Doesn't matter if it's EV or has a gas engine in it, the control boards and...
  4. hornetguy

    C/O 2026 must be vaccinated before Iday

    The military doesn't allow for folks to get an exemption from the annual flu vaccine if they've had the flu. With COVID mutating like a flu virus, not only do I doubt they would allow for an exemption, I fully expect it to become an annual requirement along with the flu vaccine. I also doubt the...
  5. hornetguy


    The same would apply to Russians with the massacre Nazi Germany inflicted upon them. As much as we groan about Germany not standing up or doing anything, I think it's also largely a byproduct of European history. Should the Germans stand up and involve themselves, Putin has the propaganda...
  6. hornetguy

    Ivy League/UC's vs. Academies

    Speaking as a manager at a certain large tech company based in CA - you will be fine with USNA, Ivy, or UCs. Non-Americans are the group that is going to be less likely to recognize an Academy (literally or performance-wise) but resumes with any of the above are competitive. Having a USAFA...
  7. hornetguy

    Afghanistan in the rear view mirror...

    Small nit here. Bagram AB is ~35 miles north of Kabul and is still empty from US withdrawal a couple months ago. Karzai international airport in Kabul is where we are evacuating people and holding the airport. I'm surprised we haven't tried to also secure Bagram to help with evac since it's away...
  8. hornetguy

    Are Masks coming back?

    Are you referring to the MARCH 2021 story about the CEO because he and his staff were waiting on their second vaccines? Or is there something new?
  9. hornetguy

    Jacks Valley - updates?

    When did they switch to shelters over tents? Did those old @$$ tents finally bite the dust?!
  10. hornetguy

    Admissions Diversity

    Probably wouldn’t make a difference.
  11. hornetguy

    Where would Chinese “Pearl Harbor” come?

    It's also the case that measures to reduce the spread of a highly contagious respiratory disease will naturally reduce the occurrence of less contagious respiratory diseases. Something like the flu peaks in winter when people are spending more time indoors among other people and efforts to...
  12. hornetguy


    As a cadet, I did pyramid pull-ups almost every day. 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1. Would go as high as I could on the peak while still completing all the reps. In two months I went from doing 11 to 21 during the PFT.
  13. hornetguy

    Grad School

    For USAFA, roughly 10% of the graduating classes have the opportunity to go to grad/med/dental school after graduation. I was fortunate to be one of them in my class back in the day. Plenty of others (as noted above) do grad school while on active duty, mostly online, but some do weekend...
  14. hornetguy

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    It sucks in Texas right now. Send bacon!
  15. hornetguy

    How many still wear their SA ring?

    I very, very rarely wear mine. Sometimes for events, usually military/veteran related ones. I spend my day on a computer and having a block of metal on my finger makes it hard to type! My ring is a star sapphire surrounded by diamonds and sapphires. :)
  16. hornetguy

    any can't miss food locales near San Antonio

    Dunno what's open these days but here are my favorites: Get the Banh Mi (and stop by the bakery) at Four Kings in Universal City by Randolph. Their sandwiches in general are great For nicer restaurant food: Battalion Rebelle Esquire Tavern Bliss Cured (specializes in cured meats) Bohanan's (one...
  17. hornetguy

    AP Calc AB vs BC

    Back many years ago in high school, I faced the same situation. I was in Pre-calc as a Junior and wanted to take the BC course rather than AB course. I lobbied the school and a few of us successfully went straight to Calc BC from trig - and we were all successful in the course. The first...
  18. hornetguy

    Your son/daughter goes where???

    I work in tech and largely with non-Americans. It's been fun explaining USAFA to colleagues and other work folks. I get universal fascination out of people and I think it's given me more street cred among my peers. 😆 I have a totally different background from most people in tech world so it...
  19. hornetguy

    Stigma of USAFA grads?

    USAFA grads are universally the worst. 0/10. Would not recommend. /s
  20. hornetguy

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I assume you have a deutan deficiency when you saw red/green...

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I assume you have a deutan deficiency when you saw red/green colorblind. You need to know the extent of the deficiency on the primary and any other diagnostic tests to be able to apply or see if a waiver is feasible. I don't know specifically about ANG standards...