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  1. EJF

    ROTC 2023-24 Applications

    Air Force has restructured their Scholarship process with less awarded up front, and more once you are in the program. There should be lots of information for each branch on their websites. Good luck!
  2. EJF

    Administrative AMI R259.01

    If you are confident you’ve sent everything in they required, then I would email your Dodmerb tech and ask for clarification on what they are referring to here.
  3. EJF

    Remedials question: anxiety

    His best course of action would be to clarify with his DoDMERB technician. They are really the only ones that can answer. I understand the confusion, it seems to me you might want someone more specialized to do the interview than a pediatrician, but that's just my perspective.
  4. EJF

    Parents - ask me your mom and dad questions

    What was the Pre commissioning physical process like? I think I read their DodMerb physical is good for two years and they have to do another one before Advanced Camp??Is it similar to the DoDMerb process? Easier and less involved? If they receive a waiver the first time for something do they...
  5. EJF

    DODMERB inhaler prescription

    What does your Dodmerb portal say? I’m not really sure about your status, but I do believe they sometimes ask for more information before a DQ. If that information clears things up then it may not move to the DQ. In my son’s case he was DQ’d and then the request came for AMI and Remedials.
  6. EJF

    Headache waiver question for ROTC scholarship

    All these things are good to do! How long has it been since his portal said he was DQ'd? If you don't already have his past records regarding the Migraines on hand I would be sure you/he requests those from the medical records department of his Physician's office, so if/when they do ask for AMI...
  7. EJF

    HS class of 2025 (incoming Junior) and potential asthma DQ prep

    They only asked for the PFT with bronchodilator challenge for my son along with the Pulmonary Consult, not the MCCT. I would wait and see what they ask for and then follow through with that. I can't really say what all is factored in to granting the waiver or not, but the better your results are...
  8. EJF

    No problem! If you are not currently using an inhaler, and have never been diagnosed with asthma...

    No problem! If you are not currently using an inhaler, and have never been diagnosed with asthma your chances of a waiver are excellent. If for some reason NROTC doesn’t grant your waiver, I don’t see why you couldn’t transfer over to AROTC and attempt a waiver through them. They might require...
  9. EJF

    HS class of 2025 (incoming Junior) and potential asthma DQ prep

    I have heard, so this is only based on what I've read here, and been told by a few others that AROTC is the most generous with waivers. I believe this is because Army has the greatest need right now. I have also heard that SA can be stricter with granting waivers, so I do believe ROTC has a...
  10. EJF

    HS class of 2025 (incoming Junior) and potential asthma DQ prep

    There are a lot of similar situations in this group you will find. Yes, there is a question about Asthma and another question about inhaler use on the medical form. The things I know you should do 1. begin requesting copies of his medical records through the records departments of his current...
  11. EJF

    Elevating rebuttal to AFROTC DQ

    I'm sorry I'm not really sure how the appeal process works. Was it the Dodmets provider, or a private physician your son arranged an appointment with? You might have better luck posting in the DodMERB forum since it's specific to a medical waiver being denied. The other suggestion I have is for...
  12. EJF

    What's after DODMERB Qualification for AFROTC?

    My son is in AROTC, so can only speak to that. Everyone receives their DoDMERB qualification at different times. Some before they start their Freshman year, and some much later. DS didn't receive his qualification until the last month of his MSI year. He did notify his Cadre that his waiver was...
  13. EJF

    DODMERB inhaler prescription

    My son was only asked to provide treatment records regarding Asthma, not the full medical record. Similar situation, inhaler was used on a few rare occasions, but not used for several years, and was never diagnosed with Asthma. He did have to have Pulmonary Tests and a Pulmonologist Consult...
  14. EJF

    Help Requesting Oral Challenge

    DodMerb will need to send your information to the AROTC waiver authority. Not sure the process to get it over to them via DodMerb since you were only pursuing AFROTC, but your Dodmerb tech may be able to assist you, email them. You also may find some guidance from the ROO at your AROTC school...
  15. EJF

    Looking for Some Advice

    Sounds like you are moving forward with everything so that's good! Once you get all your exams done DoDMERB will review everything and then post any DQ'S to your portal. This can take a few weeks. Just keep an eye on the portal. Because you are a scholarship recipient you will be automatically...
  16. EJF

    Looking for Some Advice

    I'm not familiar with the option to accept both. My Son only applied for AROTC and received the scholarship for that. In that case they may both be following up on your waiver. I would think having an honest conversation with the recruiting officer at each ROTC program might be in your best...
  17. EJF

    Looking for Some Advice

    Congratulations on your scholarships! You have a lot going on here to think about. First of all have you accepted either scholarship? There is a deadline for that. Once you accept, I do not think the other branch will continue to work on your waiver. Someone else may have different information...
  18. EJF

    Stellar PFT by Pulmonologist vs. wheezing during Methacholine CT on 7th round - Pass or Fail?

    So I'm thinking she's waiting for a final decision on a waiver for an appointment to the USCGA based on your member name? I'm sorry I don't know enough about the MCCT to comment on pass or fail, maybe someone else can. What I can say is that waivers can be granted or not depending on the needs...
  19. EJF

    Stellar PFT by Pulmonologist vs. wheezing during Methacholine CT on 7th round - Pass or Fail?

    I’m not sure I understand the question, can you clarify?
  20. EJF

    Wording question - ROTC

    Here’s what we did last year John Doe will attend the University of … on an ROTC Scholarship. He will be studying … while preparing to be an officer in the United States Army.