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    What to Wear to an Airshow at Your Base

    Capt. MJ gives great advice-as always. I worked an air show as an enlisted service member at NAS Jax back when the SH-60 was still relatively new. Unless you’re part of the “On Duty Crew” skip the flight suit. A polo shirt with squadron patch or airframe logo with khaki pants/shorts is...
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    Options to Commission if DOR from NROTC

    I’m going to reply with my experience from the enlisted side of the house. I went to trade school while in high school for diesel mechanics. I had always wanted to be in the Navy, long family line with service in WW2 & Korea. I went into delayed entry at MEPS eight months before my enlistment...
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    Encouragement and advice for new applicants

    Congratulations on be accepted to ERAU and the AFROTC scholarship! ERAU is at the top of my DS university list. As for the NROTC vs. AFROTC units at ERAU, the NROTC unit does max out, the AFROTC detachment does not, per our discussion and observations with both over the last 7 years. The ERAU...
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    Drug Use

    Very good Public Service Announcement on a proper disposal option.
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    Drug Use

    My wife is a pharmacist and I hear about this problem way too often. This issue goes deep and beyond what what we hear about in our everyday lives. A while back I ran into an old colleague at a baseball game and she rattled off five names from the time we worked together. All five gone from...
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    My Introduction

    Great looking resume! Keep up the good work and best of luck to you!
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    Difficulty getting into the USNA

    A big thank you to @StPaulDad & @justme! Your explanation on the FAFSA is much better and easier to follow than anything I have received from other sources. SAF has been a great resource for a thick headed old salt like myself. 😉
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    Difficulty getting into the USNA

    I stand corrected. I meant the FASFA…Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Thank you. 🙂
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    Difficulty getting into the USNA

    My DS is a junior in high school and he will start the college application process as soon as his transcripts are posted in late summer/early fall. Thank you for your honesty about your experience with the FASFA. I’m leery of the FASFA and was pleasantly surprised at your statement that your son...
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    Happy Mother's Day!

    Very cool YouTube video! The facial expression when mom calls is priceless!😉
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    Asked if Marines and Sailors get along on ships.....

    Fair warning to ALL Navy personnel on any ship that has a USMC security detachment: Stand Fast during a Security Alert means DO NOT MOVE! Just saying…..
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    Mother’s Day

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom out there! Every time I was deployed over Christmas my mom would send extra cookies and instructed me to make sure I shared with the rest of the people in my division. I will always be thankful to her for all of her support during my time deployed in the Navy.
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    Help with Warrant Officer Route

    My DS is currently working on his PPL. The next hanger/property over from his schoolhouse hanger is an Army unit with UH-60’s. It might be worth a shot to look in your area and see if there is an Army aviation unit that you could visit. Just my two cents, others here on SAF probably have better...
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    Encouragement and advice for new applicants

    Wow! What a story! Very encouraging for the atypical candidate as you stated. Congratulations on the NROTC scholarship and being accepted into ERAU! My DS will be applying there and two other universities this coming August/September and hopefully attending AFROTC as a non scholarship cadet...
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    ROTC hosted at a different school

    Similar situation in Southeast Florida. The University of Miami AFROTC has a cross town with Florida International University with a campus in North Miami Beach and Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Traffic is a mess in Southeast Florida.😒
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    Setting Realistic and Achievable Goals

    It’s more than just the mission. Officers are expected to lead in all aspects of their duties. Kind of difficult for a squad or platoon of enlisted Marines to follow a Lieutenant who is running at the back of the squad or platoon.
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    ROTC hosted at a different school

    On a ship that I will not name our new division officer, an Ensign, had an encounter with the Electrical Division LPO that went like this: Ensign: “EM1, do you have a status on the SSTG part we need?” EM1: who is in the shower with the curtain closed “Are we under attack by the Soviets sir? I’m...
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    Setting Realistic and Achievable Goals

    BJD16 is right on about the PRT score for Marine Option, it is no joke. Pull ups are harder and take working on your back and lats. If you are new to this Go Slow! Same with the 3 mile run. If your not running now build up to the 3 miles and beyond. As for your academic stats it’s always hard...
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    ROTC hosted at a different school

    As Capt MJ suggested, reach out to the host detachment by email or phone. You may also have to take the initiative and pay them an in person visit, travel permitted of course. My DS and I have contacted an AFROTC detachment with a cross town agreement to a large university with email and...
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    Where Are They Now?

    Very interesting observation between the F-15C and F-15E. Could it be that the Mudhen does CAS and the F-15C not so much? 🤔 Both are fantastic aircraft!