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    CAR / Candidate Activities Record

    I am only applying this year so take everything I say with a grain of salt To my understanding you are correct. The conference-level awards plus any given out by your school related to your athletic ability fall under special recognition. I believe all the awards you mentioned for scholastic...
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    Nomination questions

    I am applying for the class of 2028. I applied for a nomination from my representative a little over a month ago and have had no word back. I went through his website and did it properly. Since then I have had new awards that would make my application even better. What should I do? Do I fill...
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    Did everyone get an SSK allowing them to continue their application?

    You are probably right, thanks. I think I was just confused about the dates.
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    Did everyone get an SSK allowing them to continue their application?

    I just received an email saying I got my Second Step Kit, allowing me to continue on my application. However, I was under the assumption that this did not happen until August, about two weeks after SLE. The reason I believe this is I heard one of the advantages of attending SLE is getting your...
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    Should I submit my ACT too?

    I recently received 1440 on my SAT and submitted it. I also took the ACT but only got a 29, which is about 1340 on the SAT so considerably lower. However, I got a 9 on the essay which I know West Point cares about a lot. Should I submit both or only my SAT as it is a much better score?
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    Arizona Boy's State Help!

    My high school counselor ended up reaching out to the main office and got me a link that allowed me to register. Thank you to everyone who reached out. Does anyone have any idea how many people that register get into this program or when people will be sent out letters informing them if they...
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    Arizona Boy's State Help!

    Thank you to everyone who answered my question. I reached out to our local American Legion Post and am awaiting a response. My high school counselor is also reaching out to everyone who she believes could help me gain entry. I know it is not the end all be all of my application but will still...
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    Arizona Boy's State Help!

    I have been building my application for West Point and one thing that I always knew was important was Boy's State. This leads me to talk to my counselors close to ten months ago. After I explained my reasoning they seemed on board and were excited to send me. I reached out about 8 months ago and...
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    Can weightlifting be considered an alternative to varsity sports?

    While reading through the forums, I found out that different activities can hold the same weight as a varsity sport. For example boxing. Would the same hold true for something like weightlifting? The reason I am asking is it is not as similar to traditional sports, especially because first, it...
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    How is VMI in terms of academics

    Comes back to the same problem of large class sizes. I would much rather have small class sizes.
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    What will service academies think about an extracurricular like SkillsUSA

    I realize SkillsUSA is a career and technical student organization focused on getting students jobs in the future, which might not line up exactly with West Point as the military is not a trade job. To make it worse our school has no engineering chapter open so I joined the graphic design...
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    How is VMI in terms of academics

    I want to major in engineering probably mechanical. I want to start by saying I am not talking as much about how rigorous it is (as it can be rigorous but still not great) but instead about how good the academics are in terms of how much I will learn and be prepared. I know other SMCs rank...
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    Will high school class rank and standardized tests make up for lacking sports participation?

    Thanks for all the advice and kind words from everyone. It's nice how everyone on here is so supportive; I have wanted to make an account and post but have been a little intimidated. Now I see how nice and supportive everyone is! So although my school is small, our varsity sports are very...
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    Will high school class rank and standardized tests make up for lacking sports participation?

    So I have very good academics. -1/117 for class rank -1500 on SAT (only my junior year so I can probably improve it) -Perfect 4.0 unweighted, only one AP as that all our school offers, plus about 5 college courses by the time I graduate. Although this seems very good, is it enough to make up...