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    Meanwhile back in Ukraine

    Noun[edit] humifaction (uncountable) (obsolete) The transformation of organic matter into humus; decomposition.
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    Gap year - is it possible to defer AROTC scholarship?

    Has he been awarded the scholarship? My DS did a Rotary exchange in Taiwan during a gap year and had his AROTC scholarship deferred. His Big 10 State U lobbied on his behalf. It was the best investment the Army ever made. They got a Mandarin speaker and it cost them nothing extra.
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    Meanwhile back in Ukraine

    Relax this is the an off topic thread on an internet forum. Besides, it's not like he recommended defaulting on the US debt or claimed to be able to settle Russia-Ukraine conflict in 24 hours.
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    Meanwhile back in Ukraine

    Very interesting and IMHO spot on. Russia is and has been an expansionist imperial power from at least the 1500's. The only time they pull back is after an event of failure and humifaction, only to rise again fueled by insecurity, entitlement and revenge.
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    Branching - How are the branches different?

    Not unusual and not a bad gig. It is active duty with full salary and benefits. Ranger School, on the other hand, cold, from scratch, with no prior training..that's a different matter.
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    Catholic Priests Effectively Being Blocked from Walter Reed?

    Lord, have mercy. I'm curious if there is a pipeline of retired Military Chaplains to their payroll. My guess is yes.
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    Weight loss program.

    So he lied about his age?
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    Not Everyone Can Be a Warrior All the Time

    Good reminder to get to the blood bank this week. I haven’t donated for a while.
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    Sounds like an opening to share experiences of being robbed, cheated or otherwise swindled...successfully or not. I'll go first. I was in a country in which the exchange rate was 4 times better than on the street, hence no one exchanged his/her hard currency in a bank. In fact I was stopped by...
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    Meanwhile back in Ukraine

    I think the Russian General staff is seeing to that.
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    Meanwhile back in Ukraine

    You read the article.
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    Meanwhile back in Ukraine

    Did you even read the article?
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    Meanwhile back in Ukraine

    The point of my post was not to celebrate the the impressive successes of the Ukrainian military or to make light of the failures of the Russian military which has been routed a number of times in the past two hundred years. (I don't know where you came up with never really lost a conflict.)...
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    How do you do it

    Guilty as charged. My DS hasn't stormed any beaches other than on Cyprus and the Dalmatian Coast, but he has several deployments on his sleeve in interesting places. Whatever concern we have ever felt has been overtaken by the satisfaction of knowing he is living out his adolescent dreams...
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    Meanwhile back in Ukraine
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    Concerned with my Military Prep School's Background

    Donald Trump. I like the John Gotti Jr. answer.
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    Concerned with my Military Prep School's Background

    For What? The answer to who's the most famous graduate.
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    How do West Point grads use their degree?

    It is best, as a starting point, to assume one will not use his/her Major from an SA or SMU, or xROTC as an O-1. @UHBlackhawk would be Exhibit A. My DS would be exhibit B. Most military "jobs" have no specific academic requirements. Most important, the military has no requirement to accommodate...
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    Where do networks come up with this stuff?

    Such fertile round for mockery, satire. I'm talking the movie business, not the Marine Corps. It's all I can do to not say anything.