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    🌟 Countdown to commissioning ‘23: ARE YOU READY??

    There are a variety of reasons this can happen, mostly it’s because planes break. The Blues are hard on jets and they break a lot. Then they shift them around. For practice rides it starts with basically a get familiar with the ‘box’ the mid point and all their marks. They usually go up 2 by 2...
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    Army-Navy Series 2022-2023

    Great job Navy! One of the closer years.
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    🌟 Countdown to commissioning ‘23: ARE YOU READY??

    My best friend from USNA was a Blue Angel pilot. I can still remember us as Plebes sitting on Hospital Point watching the Blues talking about our futures. So, it can and does happen! Not bad for a guy that did not have Navy Pilot as his #1 pick for service selection. I had tons of fun traveling...
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    Typical Academics for an LOA

    If their name is on the slate then they have a nomination. Where the SA charges that candidate is another story. They could be charged to that MOC who nominated them or they could also be charged to the service secretary from the national pool. It doesn’t really matter where someone is charged...
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    PTR Letter with Report Time Out

    There is no specific reason. They try to break it up so it’s more a constant flow. Some stations take longer than others. Medical tends to be the longest. It’s not done by company or anything. You will process thru Alumni with tons of new Plebes from every company. Once you get to Bancroft you...
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    PTR Letter with Report Time Out

    Many many moons ago… I got in line and someone walked up to me and said, come here. Walked me to the door. They had nearly no females in the line and moved me forward. You try all your stuff on and they had lots of staff sitting around waiting on females to issue equipment and try it on.
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    Post-Appointment Class of 2027 Hangout: PTR, I-Day, What To Bring, Leave Periods…all that endless new stuff

    Bring it. Label it and put it in a ziploc and label that. They should give you time to get it. If they don’t, you can ask for it. Their job is to push you and train you. But it’s also their job to ensure you remain healthy and take care of you.
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    Preparing for Plebe Summer Class of 2027

    ‘Cheerfully’ 😂
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    BGO for homeschooled candidates

    Nothing to do on your end. The area coordinator will assign you to a BGO. Every area coordinator breaks things up differently, sometimes its geography, sometimes its schools, etc. In my area we have 1 BGO who handles all home schooled applicants. Sometimes areas can covers hours of driving so...
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    🌟 Countdown to commissioning ‘23: ARE YOU READY??

    Go early. Tailgate with donuts and bagels. If it’s nice weather, it’s hard to beat. Or take an Uber!
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    Class of '26 Herdon Climb

    Back in the day, when everything was black and white, Plebes ran to Herndon after graduation. They ran from Halsey once graduation was done to Herndon and did the climb.
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    Class of '26 Herdon Climb

    Or duct taped like class of 98 had. The guy had to sit on top of Herndon, take the anchor off the cover, and then cut the tape.
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    Difficulty getting into the USNA

    There were tons of kids shipped off to elite private schools during the early years. The number of OGs I have met whose father’s ‘were at sea’ serving during 40s thru the early 70s and sent off to prep schools to prepare them for SAs was common. I know many.
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    Roller coaster I: Get Us (The Parents) Through Plebe Year - Class of ‘26 🎢

    Cooler is better. No heat injuries. 60 will suck wet and cold but they will be fine moving the entire time. Really the only prep is a lot of calories and hydration, but you can’t solve that in one meal (as much as Mids will try).
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    SA Prep School Question

    I had several friends prep at NMMI and did every well at USNA. Many are still serving many years later and done very well. Your DS selected a good one.
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    Difficulty getting into the USNA

    The hardest year to get into USNA is the year(s) you apply. If you looked purely at data, standardized scores, GPAs, courses are higher than decades past. But, you have to look at the data of that time. GPAs were not what they are today. These 4.5 GPAs really didn’t exist. SATs overall were...
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    Math Course Validation

    Group 1 and 2 (if I remember right) take diff equations. A more recent grad can confirm.
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    USNA Class of 2027 Appointment List Updated By Posters

    We do a going away picnic that our local Alumni Group funds. We consider it a small price to welcome our new families and future Mids. We also coordinate with the parents club and they come to the picnic and this allows the families to join and share contact info at the picnic.
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waitlist: Team Hopeful

    It does not mean one necessarily opens up. It all depends on the yield. Y offers made and X have been appointed. Z are awaiting waivers. It’s usually why USNA will cut down the wait list along the way depending on these numbers. There have years USNA’s yield has been so high no one came off the...