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    WPAOG Parent Handbook 2021-2022
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    Sent you a PM

    Sent you a PM
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    Continue to update your nominations application also, until their deadline.
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    CFA Pull Ups Form

    Good question! I would follow the form on this video:
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    FFR Interview

    There have been some challenges with the interview form for this admissions cycle, which 'might' be a reason as to why you haven't been interviewed yet. Don't worry - you will be contacted for the interview when it is time for you to be interviewed. Also, don't take it personally if you...
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    What Does a Senatorial Nomination Code Look Like?

    True. True. True. I use to think a 1 meant Senior Senator and a 2 meant Junior Senator, but there doesn't seem to be a consistency with that as some Senior Senators use a 2 and some Junior Senators use a 1. I haven't been able to figure out reason why except that maybe each state determines...
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    USMA 2021-2022 Calendar
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    An LOE serves a couple of purposes. You fileis good enough in the eyes of WP that they want to encourage you to finish your file ( the sooner the better). Also, it enables them to offer you an overnight visit (which you should do). To receive an LOA is not impossible, but improbable, unless...
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    Chances with a 24 ACT

    Unless you have something else to bring to the table that WP values, a 24 ACT for a white male certainly doesn't help your odds. If you are a recruited athlete or an underrepresented minority, then a 24 ACT MIGHT be acceptable. If I were you, I would be signing up to take the next ACT and be...
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    Thin White Envelope

    @Goarmy85 - that letter is called a 'Screened' Letter. Her file is closed unless there is improvement in her file. You only told us her ACT score and GPA - her academic accomplishments ( which are very good), but no mention of her leadership or sports. Is it possible that one of her teachers...
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    When is the latest I could take the CFA?

    @shadow18 - have you been authorized to take the DoDMERB exam?
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    Local admissions briefing

    Going to one of these events does not increase or decrease his chances of getting into WP. It is an information meeting. It is an opportunity to learn more about WP and to ask questions. An overnight does not necessarily answer all the questions you and your son may have about the admissions...
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    Have you ever heard of USMA contacting and offering

    This program is fairly new ( as in a few years old). It is offered to minorities. WP discovered that if they could get the highly desired candidate to WP WITH a family member, then WP is pretty easy to sell. I mean - how many people visit WP and don't love it. :cool: With the support of the...
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    Does a LOA help my chances of being medically waived?

    I have a little experience with this since my son received a LOA and had 2 medical DQs. He went through the waiver process and was granted waivers on both. He graduated from WP and has been an officer for a few years. IOW - it all worked out! Some insight into the process - If you receive...
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    At Risk CFA Score

    CFA at SLE is a freebie. He can take it again. After that, he will need his RC's permission to retake. I would have him take the CFA again by the end of the summer. If he plays a fall sport, he may get an injury that will put off taking the CFA until later. I have heard over and over from...
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    USMA Calendar: 2019-2020

    Thanks for posting. I made this a sticky.
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    USMA Calendar 2019-2020
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    No field force rep

    I am a FFR and can look up the FFR for your district. If you are interested, PM me your state and district. FFRs are not necessary, but nice to have when you have questions. While RCs don't mind hearing from candidates, you do not want to bombard them with questions.
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    RAND Study Accuracy?

    I wish the Rand report would disappear from appearing on this forum. Two reasons: 1) It is dated, dated, dated. 2) Some folks over analyze the report and then try to game the system. You can get all of the information that you need about getting an appointment to WP from the admissions...
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    Still alive, no TWE and no news.

    I'm a FFR in Alabama. Your FFR is probably relating info that they got from the RC, but by all means, have her contact the RC herself. He knows the exact situation. Let us know how it all turns out!