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    Accepted to Summer Seminar!

    From App Ma's D I applied in mid-January and just rec'd acceptance email on Friday (13th). I'm going to the 3rd session!!!!!!!!
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    Automatic Hijack Thread

    the Cubbies are cursed? they are supposed to win? just wait til pryor gets 08 :{ oh yeah-- billy buck was a cub before leading the bosox to the ws loss. go bears
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    Waitlist & Other Possibilities

    usna69 - thanks for the response. i hope you're right, because i plan on doing it.:thumb:
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    Waitlist & Other Possibilities

    Hoped to be a marine officer out of USNA. Got rejection letter last friday (while on CVW). Still dealing with the blow to the stomach that letter was, but I have decisions to make in the mean time. I have a 4 yr Army ROTC offer to a great school that I really like, and will have a chance to...
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    Best service uniform

    I'm with Dmeix
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    USNA visit

    Thanks for the info Kamikazi and Subsquid.
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    Naval Academy Looking at Cruise Behavior

    Fighting the good fight is rarely easy. Don't give up the ship!
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    USNA visit

    Son is going on CVW next week. Any suggestions as to what to expect or do? Also wondering about any parent briefings I should expect. I think I have read about some of this, but am a little confused as to whether I read it on the USNA site or on one of the others. :rolleyes: Sooooo any info...
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    Applying from College

    don't stay out of anyone's hair from now on -- or you do it at your own risk. You would be doing yourself a considerable disservice by not taking advantage of the wisdom and experience of people like USNA69. There are knowlegable people on this site that are able, and willing, to share with...
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    Email from Admissions?

    I am just glad to see that people are still on this page for USCGA. It had been a while since anything new hit the page.
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    eye waiver

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    Not looking good

    Congratulations on Harvard and the NROTC. But here's hoping #1 comes through for the son of Sealion!
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    Not looking good

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    Advice on ROTC Scholarship Offers

    Thanks for the answer --our eyes are blurry from reading and re-reading everything that comes through. He is responding in the affirmative. He did not apply to USMMA. He wishes he had after reading these posts with me. It sounds like a great place. He applied to USNA and also USCGA. He's...
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    Advice on ROTC Scholarship Offers

    Son got a 4 yr ROTC offer to his top pick school (if USNA doesn't happen). He has a deadline date on the return this month. Question : Can he accept to meet the deadline and not jeopardize his USNA chances. AND if so, is there any repurcussion if he gets USNA and then turns notifies ROTC...
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    Advice Needed

    I assume the waiver was for something other than the eyesight waiver that I have read can be made by the USNA for a certain percentage of appointees?
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    Civil War quote relevant today

    Great Post! Times haven't really changed, and some people still believe everything they read in the paper. Wasn't it around the same time that it was said "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time."? A little of that still coming over the AP wire...
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    Change on Status

    Congratulations And Good Luck!
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    Thank You

    Sorry - I hit send before the real reason I posted...........CONGRATS CGA! Good Luck.