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    Pharmacy Records from MTF

    Anyone with experience providing pharmacy records from MTF as requested for AMI? We have everything from MTF medical records which includes a section with medication history. But the AMI specifically states it must come from the servicingpharmacy -- which I'm told MTF pharmacy cannot provide...
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    DoDMERB communication

    Did DODMERB specify what documentation/tests your DS will need to provide?
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    Food Allergy DODMERB Process 2022/2023

    Have you gotten any answers on this? We are in the same situation and unsure of how to proceed.
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    Verifying Remedial Forms

    Wondering the same as those forms may ask for specific information?
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    Waiver Granted - History of Systemic Reaction to Tree Nuts

    I appreciate this information. Would it be possible for me to message you regarding DD situation?
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    Can't remember medical records

    Did you request her records through your MDG medical records office? I realize every facility is different but maybe talking to their staff will help expedite the process. Good luck!
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    Requesting Mr.Mullen

    Thank you! She has sent the email.
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    Requesting Mr.Mullen

    Hello Mr Mullen, May my DD email you with her specific medical situation as well?
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    Thoughts on USNA SAT Scores

    Is there a SA specific equivalency chart between ACT and SAT scores?
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    Is this CG specific to not interview everyone? Do the other SA offer interviews to all who submit applications?
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    Re-applying to the next board after being denied

    Thank you for this explanation!
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    Re-applying to the next board after being denied

    New to this forum and trying to understand the board process. Do applicants get multiple looks from subsequent boards? Or is it pretty much a one and done type of deal? Thanks!