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    Class of 2024 “Class Rings” pre-order?

    Check out Ron George Jewelers on Main Street. DS was a 2022 grad. He got a laboratory sapphire for a fraction of the price of a traditional sapphire and just as nice.
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    Plebe parent weekend-handicap/elderly transportation

    You can go in early PPW to get your DBIDS (Midshipmen parents' Yard access) pass you will be able to drive onto the yard. If your parents have a handicap placard, you can park in the handicap spaces. You will get DBIDS instructions on I-day or in the info packets that come before I-day.
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    Parents Weekend Info

    Buy your plebe a sandwich and something to drink for the half hour after the swearing in ceremony. There are many places in DTA with one of the closest and best being The Big Cheese right outside Gate 1. Also, bring a towel or something for your plebe to sit on so they don't dirty their white...
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    USNA Companies

    The new Firsties have been in the same company since plebe year. I am sure they will be instilling the historical company culture to the shotgunned 2/C's and 3/C's as well as this year's plebes.
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    Plebe Parent’s Weekend

    Its ok if you picked the wrong kid. The point is - the pics remind them of the individual activities they did all summer so they can tell you about them.
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    Plebe Parent’s Weekend

    Give this a try Plebe To Be Parents: All during Plebe summer you will find yourself searching social media for pics of your Plebe. When you find them, save them to a file on your computer. Also save pics of your Plebes platoon (when you see their platoon's guidon). During PPW, show the pics...
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    2/C Commitment Dinner is tonight

    The 2nd class commitment dinner is tonight in Dahlgren. Congrats to the soon to be Firsties.
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    Am I already too late for football tickets?

    Try this link for single game tickets including Air Force (but not Army):,eb9c545e,eba08a93
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    New Dant

    Word is a new Dant is to be appointed. Does anyone have any info?
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    Beat Army , or The Beatings will Continue until Morale Improves !

    Congrats to Army. God speed and safe travels to all of the Mids heading home today.
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    How Can I Improve My Resume

    Take a look at Boys State (the program by the American Legion and not the recently released movie). You can attend your state's Boys State program the summer before your Senior Year. Contact you local American Legion chapter as they will need them to sponsor you.
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    Naval Academy Club

    The main reason to get a membership is to be able to take your mid to brunch, lunch or dinner when they aren't allowed to be off the yard. At this time, since parents aren't allowed on the yard, there is no reason to get a membership (unless you want to support the club).
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    I feel bad for him/her. Not really!
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    Plebe Parent Weekend arrival date?

    If you can, the MUST do is - Friday morning PEP. Plan to get to the field around 5:30 AM. The Plebes will be fired up and along with Major Antonelli who leads PEP.
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    Transferring to the Naval Academy

    USNA has a "club" called the Special Operations Team (SOT) that provides comprehensive mental and physical training to aspiring SEALs. Members of SOT participate in lieu of sports or intramurals. This is likely one of the main reasons USNA has the highest success rate for aspiring SEAL officers.
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    USNA CLASS OF 2024 Update-List-Yourself APPOINTMENTS

    Well played MYPLANE. I suggest hitting the enter button on your acceptance just as the F-18s are flying over on Saturday. Good luck to you and the class of 2024. GO NAVY!!!
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    Naval Academy Club

    One thing they don't advertise is that the club is generally not open on the weekends or federal holidays. They are open on select Sundays for brunch but I would say about 50% of the times it would have been convenient to take our Mid (Plebe last year), they were not open. That said, when they...
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    Army Navy Game

    Try to get to the stadium area really early if possible. Many of the Midshipmen and Cadets will attend ESPN gameday in the stadium parking lot which starts at about 9AM and lasts until about 11:30AM.
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    Mid store shopping before and on I Day

    The "ID card that will allow free passage through any USNA gate for a Mid-Parent for the next four years" is called a DBIDS card. It qualifies as a "military ID" for 10% off at the Visitor Center Store.