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    USAFA Waiting Thread C/O 2027

    I have watched this incredibly helpful forum for nearly a year, but only "officially" registered just a day ago. I want to thank so very much all those who consistently contribute such valuable insights and updates around this mysterious process to rest of us who know so little about it, feel...
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    USAFA Class of 2027 appointment list

    # SAF USERNAME DD/DS/Self LOA Offer Date Accept/Decline State Nominations Appointment From 1) DS 2) DD 3) Self DD-MM-YY 1) Undecided 2) Will Decline 3) Will Accept 4) Declined 5) Accepted 1) Pres 2) Vice Pres 3) Sen 4) Rep 5) LEAD 6) ROTC 7) JROTC 8) 100% Disab 9) Other 1) HS 2) Falcon...