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    When do you find out about your CFA

    Maxd, in your previous posts you said your father is an alumnus of the naval academy and a blue and gold officer. Are you posting here just to brag?
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    Dorms and the Air Force Academy

    Do they have a lot of Marijuana related issues now that it is legal in Colorado? I heard they put the stuff in candies and muffins.
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    TOP GUN 30th Anniversary

    If you don't mind me asking, were you there at the infamous Tailhook incident?
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    Sea Cadets... Sound Off

    I think the program can be hit or miss. I don't believe even the recruits in the navy do most of these stuff.
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    Sea Cadets... Sound Off

    Excuse me, Sir, are you saying there was no opportunity for your son because they do not have a quota for someone with the same race, gender, and ethnicity as your son, or someone else in your district was better than him in the same race, gender, and ethnicity group and got selected, but not...