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    Standardized testing and triple qualified

    Thanks for all the advice all. I've decided I will be retaking the ACT for sure. I am spending my summer taking classes at NCSU in chem 101, chem lab, microeconomics and an engineering intro course.
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    College GPA vs letter grade

    I am a college reapplicant for the class of 2020 and today I figured out that the only way to get a 4.0 is to get all A+'s and that A-'s count as about a 3.7 on a GPA. So my question is does USNA really care too much about actual gpa as long as I'm getting A's in my courses? Thanks for any help.
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    Standardized testing and triple qualified

    I completed my application in the summer and had all CFA and DoDMERB stuff in very early. USNA was of course my first choice so I was very on top of that application.
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    Standardized testing and triple qualified

    Hello everyone, I am a college reapplicant for the class of 2020. I am going to be attending NC State university and have already started summer classes to get ahead. I will also be doing NROTC as well. I recently emailed my RD and I asked him what kept me from getting in this year. He told me...
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    College reapplicant classes to take?

    I was an applicant for the class of 2019 and was not accepted however I received a nomination and was medically qualified. I intend to reapply for USNA class of 2020 but I want to make sure that my schedule properly models what a plebes schedule might look like. I am currently enrolled at NC...
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    2nd semester senior grades

    Thanks guys. Im taking an engineering course, chem, and econ this summer. Of course calc in the fall and a good bit of other classes. What are the main classes I should take to follow the plebe schedule?
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    2nd semester senior grades

    Im currently a senior now reapplying for the class of 2020. How much does USNA look at your High school transcript when considering a college re applicant. I got a nom this year and kept my senior year grades up pretty well except for one class I couldve done better in which I'm retaking this...
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    In a way I have been preparing myself to receive possible bad news ever since the beginning. So of course I'm still upset but I am also glad I am going to get the opportunities to better myself now before possibly going to Navy (hopefully!). I honestly think I would have had somewhat of a tough...
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    TWE for class of 2019 now working towards USNA 2020

    TWE for class of 2019 now working towards USNA 2020
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    Thanks for that advice. And excuse my ignorance but is the RD the Regional Director? Also when would you suggest is a good time to call?
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    I will eagerly once again be getting on that roller coaster. It really is quite the process. Best of luck to you as well.
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    I plan on doing NROTC at NC State and majoring in either some type of engineering or physics. I also plan on attending summer school at NC State this summer to get ahead and stay competitive. In the end a year of regular college is not so bad. Should I get accepted to USNA class of 2020 that...
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    So got home today and as always checked my mailbox. And it turns out I got the dreaded TWE and was not offered an appointment to the class of 2019. I was not waitlisted either. It seem like I got my rejection early. I had a congressional nomination as my nomination source. Does this mean they...
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    Review Status?

    Someone on the forum mentioned in a post that they heard that their application was being reviewed this week. How did they find out about this? Did that call USNA or does USNA send out a letter or email or something telling you this? Thanks for any help regarding this.
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    Who is this Marine?

    Find this picture on the internet while trying to explain what marine dress blues look like to someone who asked. Just curious if anyone knows who is Marine is or if he is even real? Thanks for the help Sent using the Service Academy Forums® mobile app
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    Confused about appointment

    If you don't mine me asking how did you find out that number of students have been appointed? Sent using the Service Academy Forums® mobile app
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    Confused about appointment

    I am pretty confused in a certain aspect of obtaining an appointment or not so much in obtaining it but more of how could I possibly still get one. I have created a similar thread before asking a similar questions which was answered fairly well but I'm still a little confused. I received a...
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    Can I still get an appointment?

    I received my nomination from Robert Pittenger (NC District 9 rep.) back in December. Since then I know of about 3 people who were nominated by him as well who have received appointments. After talking to my BGO I was told or lead to believe (although im still a little confused) that my...
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    1st semester grades

    Does USNA automatically get sent your 1st semester grades or do they have to request it? And do they look at grades before a certain date for example anything before say November 29th (just a random date) or do they wait for you to finish mid terms and take that grade. Just curious. I heard of...
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    I just attended NASS session 2 and I just have a real quick question. Does going to NASS really have any effect on your application. I understand the detailers write evaluations at the end. So does NASS really have any effect or hold any weight in your application. Thanks Sent using the...