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    Current Female Plebe - AMA

    What physical activity do you take part of? I'm very active but not going as part of any athletic team and am unsure what teams to join/try out for, especially since intramural sports are more guy dominated.
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    Hi all. Is anyone a part of the CrossFit team at West Point? I am interested and wanted to get some more info as there is not much information online.
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    Appointment Notif?

    Congrats!! How long would you say it took to hear from admissions after completing your file?
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    How long for USMA to receive DoDMERB results?

    Exactly a month. I submitted my videos on 11/9 and they were accepted on 12/9.
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    How long for USMA to receive DoDMERB results?

    I took my physical exam and optometrist exams in early December and found out yesterday that I am DoDMERB qualified. I am now 3Q'd and have both a senator and congressional nomination. On my USMA portal I now have all green checks but my medical still says "Scheduled in Contact Area". It's my...