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    Low ACT test score

    Thanks for sharing, @Just Dad, and thank your daughter for the inspiration.
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    Changing Sessions at SLE and NASS

    That makes sense. My son requested SLE session change very late.
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    Changing Sessions at SLE and NASS

    My DS had a conflict with SLE last summer. He requested to USMA for a session change, and was denied.
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    Nominations to USNA

    (1) Pass the CFA (2) Pass the DODMERB physical or have a waiver (3) Be Academically qualified by the Admissions Board
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    2020 Appointments

    Congrats!!!! USAFA is reachable with a long drive from TX. And the two in the East Coast could be visited in one trip, although requires some planning and coordinating. The bottom line is that there really is not a wrong choice for him.
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    2020 Appointments

    Congratulations! Your lift will also be changed forever, assuming SA will be his choice eventually. My DS is in the waiting category. USNA is the only SA he applied. His plan B is NROTC.