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    AFROTC Board #2

    I'm trying to see how many people got a type 1 in the HSSP after rejecting the CLS because that is currently my situation. I plan on going into a tech major, but my local detachment's host school as well as its crosstowns don't really have many opportunities for people like me. Having applied to...
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    AFROTC Board #2

    Does anyone have any info on how many commander's leadership scholarship recipients get the type 1 in the national hssp?
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    Does college choice effect chances at a rated AFSC

    I'm currently a senior in high school and have already started receiving some of my college decisions. I was looking into how to become a pilot and obviously one of the factors is my GPA in college. Assuming all other things equal, why would I choose to go to a more difficult college when I can...
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    Declining HSSP Numbers?

    I was wondering if anyone can make sense of this data. It shows a significant decline in HSSP applicants over the last decade. Combining this with more recent data, this trend is continuing drastically. In a post from 2018, there were 5,581 applicants, which is down from well over 15,000 back in...