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    Inbound Private Pilots

    I have my PPL, but I am USAFA 2020! Does USCGA even have a flying team?
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    Civil Air Patrol

    I joined CAP at the start of my Sophomore year. I got my Mitchell last November, and I had to work really hard to get it that fast. I do think the Academy values CAP, but you have to be active for them to care a lot. I participated in every activity I could, staffed as many as I could, and even...
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    Wait listers

    Cidgrad130, thank you for the feedback. I will send an email to the CGA reflecting my USAFA acceptance. I know that this may open a slot for someone else, which is what I would like if I were in that position. Thus, thank you for the feedback and go CG!
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    USCGA vs Air Force ROTC

    The CGA sends 10% to flight training every year, but that number is decreasing. The AFA/ AFROTC send 1000 combined, that's triple the class size at CGA. I would say go AFA or AFROTC. My father is currently a CG Aviator and he didn't get flight school on his first try. It just depends on timing...
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    No Appointment or TWE....just Crickets

    I am not a swimmer, although I do enjoy swimming!
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    Some knowledge to know before?

    I know a few cadets currently at USAFA and they told me that during BCT, basics have to memorize some definitions and other things. However, unlike USCGA and USNA basics are not given books with pages and pages of memory work to memorize until after BCT (thats what the "contrails" book is). I am...
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    Wait listers

    I got wait-listed the same day you did. I have accepted my USAFA appointment, and will thus decline any USCGA appointment if it comes...
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    US Civil Air Patrol - USAFA Class of 2020 Survey

    I'm a C/2d Lt in CAWG. I accepted my appointment for the USAFA c/o 2020 (1st try, not a reapplicant). Most people think CAP will get you in the academy, but doing only CAP is not enough. It's a great addition to the resume, but by itself is not strong enough for an appointment. Here are my stats...
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    Bringing ABUs to inprocessing

    I was told my a current cadet that you can bring your own boots and running shoes, but your cadre won't let you use them until after BCT. I still bought them just in case things have changes, especially since the Appointee packet recommended appointees to do so...
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    No Appointment or TWE....just Crickets

    I had my app in since September and was getting very anxious/ nervous. Only found out I was appointed 4 days ago. Stay strong, the wait is almost over! BTW I had a Presidential nom if that helps...
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    AIM questions

    I attended AIM last summer and it was a lot more intense than I anticipated. My dad is a CAPT in the CG and I have been around the branch my whole life. The program was very intense, long, but rewarding. The intensity is set on day 1, where the cadre IT you (physical training basically) in the...
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    Not accepted to AFASS, but am a candidate

    I was not selected for AFSS last year, but I am appointed for the c/o 2020. AFSS doesn't affect your chances that much, just make sure you improve your areas of weakness before the real decision (SAT's, ECA's, grades, etc).
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    USAFA Class of 2020 Appointment Thread

    ServiceBeforeSelf325/06 April 2016/Appointment/AK-01/Presidential & Senator Sullivan (No LOA)/Email & Portal Update