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    Report time

    Everyone’s order says 0730, report with your squadron
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    How to find which squadron is assigned to you?

    What were I and J squadrons nicknamed?
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    Means nothing, I received mine before hearing anything about a waiver being approved. It’s possible she received it but will be DQ’d later. Not that that will necessarily happen; hoping for the best.
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    I accepted close to two months prior to receiving a BFE.
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    Mine came 5/10 of last year; prob still have a little waiting to do
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    How should I approve?

    You could start by actually improving instead of “approving.”🤣
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    Cadet Leave

    That's fair. The only time I remember hearing a concrete figure was 50 miles on Parent's Weekend. If you need to go a little farther that can surely e arranged through your AOC.
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    Cadet Leave

    It's usually 1 overnight a month unless you receive positive form 10s in which case you could get 1 or more extra depending on the action.
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    Cadet Leave

    Not terribly sure about sponsors outside the springs (I'd trust whatever you have to say in that matter). You can use a unlimited Sunday passes on Sunday to go anywhere, but most cadets use it to go to their sponsor's because they have nowhere else to go. Otherwise, you will receive two day...
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    Cadet Leave

    If you leave the Colorado Springs area you will have to fill out a Form 99. Features a lot of info on travel and may be denied if you aren't in good standing. You can also get restricted depending on your unit (which can be class, wing, squadron, class within squadron, etc). As mentioned, you...
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    Cadet Leave

    Leave as in leave (seasonal breaks) or just heading out on weekends?
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    Checklist Deadlines?

    Yeah I was asking OP but I appreciate you contributing too!
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    Checklist Deadlines?

    Respectfully, when did you start your application and when is your deadline?
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    Enlisted Airman CFA Scores

    Cool! You're on the right track. Hope to see you here in a year or two :)
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    Enlisted Airman CFA Scores

    I believe there are nominations available for enlisted airmen from their commanders, in addition to their congressional representatives and any other applicable nomination.
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    Questions, Chatter, Congrats for the 2026 USAFA Appointment Thread

    Last year they were not required; I asked and they said sending was not necessary. I think they ask in select cases where the candidate may be on the fence academically, but if you have already proved yourself in school beyond a reasonable doubt they shouldn't be asked for.
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    USAFA Appointment List Class of 2026

    Good luck to all, but this is c/o 2026 lol. Ship has unfortunately sailed on 2025. 😂
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    Competitive SAT/ACT

    1600/36 are certainly competitive scores
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    Checklist Deadline

    CFA must be taken at least once by then, but if you fail you may be given up to a month beyond your deadline to retake and pass. DoDMERB is not subject to this deadline but make sure you have gotten the ball rolling on that front as the process will take several months.
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    Firstie here, feel free to ask anything

    227! You’re welcome!