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    Not sure where to attend

    My point is that failure to adequately perform a task or check one's work can have serious consequences. Accountability is a major issue in the country today and I doubt the moderators want a political war on SAF. But yes, I agree that lack of accountability, even in seemingly routine...
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    Not sure where to attend

    A while back I wrote a thread about ATTENTION to DETAIL. I say again: Much of what plebes are subjected to are chapters in a course called ATTENTION to DETAIL. A seaman with years of experience didn't properly secure a bolt and a ferry and many lives were lost. A Martian probe, a joint product...
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    Applying to USMMA

    Talk to teachers about letters of recommendation this Spring. They will be loaded up in the Fall.
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    Hold Status

    The question about whether or not to send a deposit to a civilian school while waiting on a SA comes up every year. I would not tell anyone what to do. I do, however, recommend doing what you feel is best for you. Do not consider the "feelings" of the university. They studied at the Bernie...
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    I have noted many "undecideds" in the lists of appointments. To those still hoping for admission to certain civilian schools, I hope you realize your dreams. To those for whom KP is choice 1B among the SAs, I hope the same. To the latter group I would say there are many at KP for whom KP was...
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    Your Son/Daughter is Going Where?? Round 2

    Recently, on a cruise, we were sitting at dinner with 8 others when one started his story with "When I first sailed as a third mate...." When he finished I asked how he became a mate and his look said "Here I go again trying to explain what no one understands and still won't when I finish but...
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    IVY vs. West Point Advice - Please

    I did not see the cost of paying off the debt post ivy graduation in any of the above calculations. A KP grad, living well but wisely, can have $150,000-$200,00 in liquid equity after 5 years. More if the spouse is working. Nice apartment and a Subaru. But the extended discussion of finances is...
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    Sea Year Sexual Assault Report(s)

    The Big 3 send their men and women to fight wars on foreign soil. CG grads patrol our waters, interdict violent offenders, and carry out dangerous rescue missions. KPers, on the other hand, enter a different world. It ain't the Love Boat. And people sitting inside the beltway who think of...
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    USMMA Historical Painting Defense

    This arrogance and delusion of superiority became the only acceptable belief at USAFA in the 90's and early 2000's. Deniers faced physical, academic, and career retribution. After years of feigned ignorance of the situation, the Air Force took some measures but remnants of this attitude...
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    Rated Slots out of USMMA

    Class of 2017: 2/2 Air Force pilot slots. 9/9 Naval pilot slots. 10/11 have their wings
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    Back up School

    Two schools (Gettysburg and Macalester) who accepted DD indicated that her acceptance was good for two years when they learned she had an appointment to a SA. No deposit required. The others never replied.
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    Vision Medical Waiver (Hard to get?)

    This diatribe is to demonstrate why specific medical questions should NOT be asked on this forum. First, is the astigmatism written in plus or minus cylinder. -9.00+3.00@90 is a spherical equivalent of -7.50 while -9.00-3.00@90 is a spherical equivalent of -10.50. Then, how thick are the...
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    Advice for Choosing a Major

    An EE or ME degree will take you anywhere you want to go.
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    What now?

    Congratulations to DS. Good idea to keep Plan B, etc. open. Stuff happens and minds change. I doubt you can get into a situation they haven't seen before. When learning a student will attend a SA, some schools will return the deposit, some will keep the acceptance open for 2 years, and some...
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    Leave WP and transfer after Plebe Year

    To repeat what has been written here many times before: The definition of "free" changes when one's "child" signs the survivorship papers at the beginning of the second class year.
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    Military phonetic Alphabet

    I find using the phonetic alphabet very helpful when talking to airlines and giving my Email address, especially when cell phone and wireless phone connections can suddenly become iffy. "Bravo" or "Boy" will be heard correctly. I've had "B" heard as "D," "P," and "T."
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    Going Navy from USMMA

    Part of sea term can be spent on Navy ships either as a deckie or engineer. Talk to the Navy people on campus. In DD's class, all nine who applied for naval flight slots got one. (Only year I can speak to)
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    Effects of accepting an appointment

    Do not cancel your applications to civilian schools. An acceptance to some schools will be good for two years if you go to a SA. Plan B in the bank.
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    Does Anyone Else Have Concerned Parents

    DD, DW, and I visited KP early in DD's senior year of high school. As we sat listening to the morning spiels, DW whispered to me " I can't get into this." That afternoon, while DD went to some classes, DW and I walked around the campus. We asked a maintenance man where the store to get tee...