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    In your Opinion....

    If you are looking at Army ROTC, VMI has had the number 1 Army Cadet in the nation 3 years running. If you are looking at Navy ROTC Marine Option VMI was the top performing school of Officer Candidates at OCS this past summer. So VMI has top notch programs all around.
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    I am not personal friends with her, but I know who she is. She is a 1st classmen this year. Commissioning into the Marine Corps this May. Pretty good video though.
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    Best NROTC programs

    The Virginia Military Institute has a great NROTC program. I have put up some information about VMI else where on this site as well, but feel free to ask me any questions you have.
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    Senior Military Colleges

    I don't know how the academics compare to West Point or the Naval Academy, but will tell you they are not easy. As for VMI militarily and physical compared to the Citadel I can not say for sure, but I will bet that we are on par with, if not better then the Citadel in those areas.
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    Senior Military Colleges

    I will disagree with you Whistle Pig, while the admissions may not be as selective as the Service Academies VMI is a rather selective school. The average high school GPA for incomeing rats is 3.5 and the avarage SAT is 1200 (on the old scale). 50% were in the quarter of their high school class...
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    Senior Military Colleges

    For six years in a row, U.S. News & World Report has listed Virginia Military Institute as the nation's No. 1 public liberal arts college and VMI's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is ranked No. 9 nationally among non-doctoral institutions. So as far as VMI goes it is a top noch...
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    Senior Military Colleges

    The transition has gone well. A lot of things we have to do know that weren't requiered a few years ago, but things run smothly now.
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    Senior Military Colleges

    VWIL is not a Senior Military College. They have a Corps of Cadet program, but are not one of the 6 SMC's. The others you stated make up the 6 that are designated my congress as SMC status.
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    Marine option ROTC

    I am a Marine Option cadet at the Virginia Military Institute. If you are interested in the Naval Academy you should also look at one of the 6 Senior Military Colleges. If you have any questions about VMI let me know I will try to help you out.
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    schlorships Norwich/ Vmi

    I am currently a 3rd classmen at VMI, so I watch your son and friend strain around barracks every day. I am a NROTC Marine Option cadet and the reason the Marines don't give out as many scholorships is because they don't have the funding the Army does. It is a fact that the Army has much more...
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    Assessing NROTC Units ...

    I will tell you that VMI has one of the top NROTC Battalions in the nation. This past summer our Marine Option cadets outpreformed any other NROTC program at OCS. I am not positive of the numbers, but I think around 80% of our OCS cadets graduated in the top 10% of their platoon. The other 20%...
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    Hey there, Sorry I took so long to get back on here, I have been swamped lately. As for VMI being #3 :thumbdown: for you Chip thats your call. I have friends at Norwich so I know a good amount about them, but only know a little about the Citadel (it was my #2 behind VMI). As to your...
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    Any one interested in VMI feel free to ask me any questions. I am a current 3rd classmen there.