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    MMI Packing Info

    Everything Nicole said is true about Marion. It is the saddest little town. But I also must say that my son had an amazing experience this past year. 28 students received appointments to USMA. 23 were AOGs and 5 were self-prep. There were a total of over 100 service academy prep students to all...
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    Travel outside of the USA

    Our DS has received an appointment for USMA this year after a year of Civil Prep. He is itching to travel before he reports on June 29. We are not a military family and are constantly at a loss about what is correct. Would it be appropriate for him to travel out of the country these next two...
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    Civil Prep

    Just to throw my two cents in, my DS is at MMI this year. They had 23 AOGs this year that all received appointments as well as 5 non-sponsored students receiving appointments as well. My DS was in the same position last year as you are right now. We were thrilled when he qualified for an AOG...
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    AoG Scholarship offer question

    One more question We are inundated with all the end of the year senior recognition events and was wondering what you put for what your child's college plans are? Should we just put Marion Military Academy or did any of you put West Point Prep at Marion (or something like that) or does that...
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    AoG Scholarship offer question

    Oh, my son is going to Marion on the AOG. No question. He would consider nothing else. He's really excited! Thanks again to everyone!
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    AoG Scholarship offer question

    No. We are from the Southeast. It's my secret moniker to protect my kids! Thanks!
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    AoG Scholarship offer question

    Thank you! Thank you everyone for your response. Like I said, we were just curious. Our son has also received several ROTC offers, but his true desire is to go to USMA so he is all in for prep school next year. His whole attitude is to do whatever it takes to get to his goal. He still has not...
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    AoG Scholarship offer question

    Our son just found out that he was selected for the West Point Association of Graduates (AOG) scholarship for 2014-2015. We are thrilled that he has received it and he is currently looking at the different prep school options. The question that I have that I cannot find the answer to is this...