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    Navy Flight School Q and A

    DS had some airsickness issues early on before his solo in Primary. He went to the 'chair' to have it spun out of him, as he said. There were usually 2 sessions a day for a bit and this made a tremendous difference on handling the issue. He said they also gave him lots of...
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    Naval Aviation Pipeline - Facing Long Delays

    Thanks, 'WT, will do. Yeah, that 2020 commissioning week was a big letdown, especially for us parents. A 4 year build-up and then......poof..... My wife and I stood outside gate 1 with two other sets of parents waiting for our newly minted Ensigns to appear. We were the only ones around...
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    Naval Aviation Pipeline - Facing Long Delays

    Greta story 'WT.......I'll be seeing DS this weekend - I'll show him this post. Not sure if he will laugh or cry......
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    Naval Aviation Pipeline - Facing Long Delays

    Your kind of stashed where you are per DS. DS comissioned in '20, was TAD in Annapolis till early October of that year and then moved to Pensacola to start flight school (pilot). He is currently in Primary now, about a third of the way through. He is estimating this autumn completing Primary...
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    USNA Class of 2026 Appointment List: Self-Maintained and DIY

    Another Michigan appointment- cheers for the Great Lake State!
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    Best Place to Eat on or Near the Yard?

    Me thinks the resturant thread should be a sticky at the Forum top.....!!
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    Best Place to Eat on or Near the Yard?

    I second Cantler's however it is a drive and might be a bit tight for time. I always liked Fox's Den on Main Street; about 1/2 way to Church Circle on the left. Somewhere there is a thread on "Annapolis resturants/where to eat" - lot of good resturant info.....
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    Homeschool Applicant Class of 2025 Question

    As the Dr. says above, Chem and Physics. DS (who was homeschooled) validated both Chem 1 and Physics 1 his plebe year, but be ready as Chem 2 and Physics 2 aint easy.....
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    Homeschooling and the USNA

    If you research the posts here, there is more information to glean - go back several will find more advice. As stated above USNA has had a bunch of homeschooled kids get in and succeed. Our DS graduated/commisioned last May and was homeschooled all the way through HS - he...
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    Shoot...COVID strikes Navy football.

    And Michigan right behind them.....
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    CFA Basketball throw help

    There is a lot of stuff out there if you search a bit. I think it is more about technique/slinging it than anything. When DS 'threw' it the first time it went maybe 40 feet. On his CFA throw for submittal it went 93 feet or so; with practice you can improve quite a bit. I estimate I chased...
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    I always thought "Annapolis Resturants/Where to Eat" was the best thread......always gets me thinking...
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    Does anyone know if YMCA Swim Team counts as "varsity" for your USNA application?

    Agree with Old Navy above. Hockey is very much like this if you don't play HS varsity. There are travel leagues such as AA and AAA, which require very high levels of committment that includes tryouts and a ton of travel. If you play AAA, its almost exclusive of other sports given time/travel...
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    Counselor Letter for Homeschooled Applicants?

    Our DS was homeschooled (now an Ensign - Class of 2020) and in his original application which would have been 2014/2015 time frame DW wrote the letters. At that time, our DS came through high school same as yours though DW was always the primary teacher so she wote whatever was needed. I...
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    Homeschooled mids?

    Our DS was also homeschooled; he just graduated and Commissioned Class of 2020 from USNA. Good advice above and in addition work on EC's as well. All the other menu items and drop downs on the USNA website are also relevant; good information even though not specific to homeschoolers, they...
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    Pretty cool USNA movie from back in the day

    Any movie with Jimmt Stewart in it is a good movie. Lionel Barrymore and Stewart were also both in 'Its a Wonderful Life'........a classic.
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    USNA Class of 2020

    DS had basket leave right after graduation, then TAD (Annapolis) until he reports to Pensacola mid-October. All he knows now is his report back to the Yard time; get his stuff and graduate/commission the next day. Basket leave is still on for him, however, the TAD assignment is a bit murky on...
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    USNA Class of 2020

    I believe DS said what '7896 said. Also, everyones official date of rank will be recorded the same day.
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    USNA Class of 2020

    DS is happy he can get back to the Yard and participate; he said he would take being with 210 buddies vs virtual. Everyone is dissapointed for sure, however, he is already looking at his report station and what he needs to do next. His exams finish tomorrow and he has a happy face right...
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    Reapplying to USNA (after a turndown)

    And I would add to 'DK and '19's commentary (and others), DS also was a successful re-applicant, and is currently waiting out time to commissioning next month. He readily admits that one year in regular college (and NROTC) made a tremendous difference in getting through Plebe summer and the...