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    Formal Application

    I sent in my preliminary application a little over 2 months ago and have not received a formal application. I got the confirmation email saying that I would receive said formal application in the near future, but that was some time ago now. Is this normal? I am attending a 4-year university...
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    Army ROTC transfer to USNA

    What should I be doing as a freshman AROTC student to have a better chance at getting an appointment? I'd imagine having a good GPA and PT scores. Anything else?
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    Army ROTC transfer to USNA

    Is it possible to do one year at an AROTC unit and then transfer to a service academy? I have heard of NROTC cadets transferring to USNA, but is it be possible to transfer from an AROTC unit? Or are only NROTC cadets eligible for transfer? Not sure if anyone has ever done anything like that or...
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    Army ROTC 3rd Board Results...

    I got a 3 year scholarship to my top 3 schools. Got email from school last night and one this morning.