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    Does your score have an effect on your service assignment/competitiveness?
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    Aviation out of NROTC

    Question for all, how difficult is it to pick up an aviation slot? How many SNA/SNFO does the NROTC program usually produce? What could I do now as a sophomore to be competitive by the time service assignment comes around? What ASTB scores should I aim for? Thank you for your time and help...
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    Thank you sir
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    Question sir, could any URL designator be nominated for this?
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    Cortramid Pay

    How much does Cortramid pay, rough estimate. Thank you in advanced for your time.
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    NSI Packing List 2022

    Went last summer, never touched anything I brought. Feel free to direct message if you have any other questions!
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    NROTC Waiver before NSI?

    Should be able to attend NSI, I went this past summer under a waiver review. Came back from NSI, and found out it had been approved.
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    NROTC vision question

    Went to NSI this past summer, medical will not conduct a retest.
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    Taping and H/W

    Cut weight by doing cardio and go on a calorie deficit. I lost roughly 9 pounds in the matter of 1 month just from a deficit, of course that is paired with lifting and cardio.
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    PRB for PRT

    Thank you, I'm definitely going to use this as a learning lesson and will improve on it!
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    PRB for PRT

    Aye Sir, thank you!
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    PRB for PRT

    Yes, I did attend FEP every Friday since the beginning of the semester. I have seen improvement on the PRT that I took recently, but I know that more work needs to be done to cut off those 9 seconds.
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    PRB for PRT

    Yes, that does mean a college Freshman. I was told if we fail 2 official PRTs we'll be dropped from the program. Thank you for the help.
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    PRB for PRT

    Yes, I did attend NSI. I had an inventory PRT at the beginning of the semester, and ran a horrible time,13:43. We do PT 2 times a week as a group, and FEP is 3 times. The mock PRT I ran a horrible time as well, 12:48. Thank you for taking the time to help me sir.
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    PRB for PRT

    I have not yet put in a bad day chit, we're looking to see if I can and retake it this upcoming weekday. Thank you for the help, I will definitely look into the those documents that were sent.
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    PRB for PRT

    I’m a 4/C MIDN on scholarship and failed my official PRT run portion by 9 seconds, failing is still failing. I may have a PRB if I cannot retake the test, any insight on how these work or what to do. I’m not nervous because I’m accountable for what I’ve done and will fix it before the next cycle.
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    NROTC Scholarship Activation

    Question, in order to activate the 4 year national scholarship, do I have to pass my inventory PRT at the beginning of the year?
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    Calculus NROTC

    Thank you, I’m also majoring in Computer Science at Norfolk State University!
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    That’s weird, it said it sent to the correct email.
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    Thank you! Just sent!