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    Thinking too far ahead?

    ET3, There are several of us priors that were accepted that will be older than that when we graduate . There is a fb page "NAPS Class of 2017" where you can post questions and recieve answers . Also, it's a great way to start connecting with the class mates . See you at NAPS .
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    Do I have any chance for NAPS?

    AZBOY no one will know the answer to these questions. As long you haven't received a TWE, you are still in the race! Also, make sure to relay to your friends there is a NAPS fb page they can join to get more info. Hope to see you there and good luck!
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    Naval Academy Prep School (NAPS) Class of 2017 Parent Facebook Page

    Srsick, don't stress. Neither all of USNA Appointments nor NAPS Appointments have been given out yet. Best of luck!
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    NAPS Appointments?

    Yes they have been releasing since October.
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    Service Selection Bonuses

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I was curious if there are any specific bonuses for different service selections typically. For example, a EOD officer getting a bonus of 10K. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    NAPS Class of 2017 FB Page

    Good Afternoon All, There is a FB page for anyone accepted to NAPS. Just search "NAPS class of 2017-Midshipman Candidates." Thanks and have a great day .
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    Enlisted Application

    How's the application going ?
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    Enlisted Application

    Id be happy to help send a few more posts and shoot me a message .
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    Anybody else Accepted to NAPS?

    Join the naps fb page for students . Naps class of 2017 midshipman candidates .
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    Opposite of NAPS Profile?

    I got a NAPS appointment with 36 college credits 3.8 GPA, 600 math 600 reading . Two time wrestling state qualifier and team leader , BJJ North American Grappling Texas champion , outstanding CFA and numerous leadership positions . If the academy sees you are fit then you will be fit .
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    Enlisted Application

    Good Afternoon Everyone, If any enlisted applicants need help with their application feel free to post questions below and I will answer them as soon as possible!
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    NAPS FB page

    ALCON, NAPSTERS there is a FB page up for students and parents . Here is the link for students .
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    Anybody else Accepted to NAPS?

    Ma'am, thank you so much ! I can't find the group though on FB though . Would you mind attaching link ?
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    Anybody else Accepted to NAPS?

    In your experience sir how are the FB Pages usually created ? Or rather whom are they created by ?
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    Anybody else Accepted to NAPS?

    I would love to help but I'm an enlisted applicant so it's a little different for us ! Goes mostly off of our military accomplishments .
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    Anybody else Accepted to NAPS?

    Congrats! Me too. Who usually makes the FB pages ? NAPS staff or NAPSTERS?
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    Anybody else Accepted to NAPS?

    Was just curious who all has been accepted to NAPS! Civilian and Enlisted. Thanks.
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    Stolen Valor, Free Speech

    It absolutely disgusts me reading this. A true insult to anyone that has, is, or will be serving throughout the years of our great nation.
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    Nuke to Navy

    Congrats man! Did you have some crazy stats ? I'm an enlisted applicant as well .
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    Enlisted Application

    Hello All, I have only been in my training pipeline for 6 months now. Will this hinder my chances of being selected if I have good recommendations from the fleet?