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    Amount Of Candidates Left

    NC- 08 CPR with Presidential and Congressional Noms
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    3Q'd candidates for NC

    I just got an email from my BGO stating that there are 15 (including myself) 3Q'd candidates in the state of NC. What could this indicate as far as the # of appointments that could potentially go out?
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    USNA vs Plan B

    So if I still have the CPR status by May 1st, should I withdraw my application from consideration to USNA because my Plan B school has a deadline on that date. Would it be worth to decline my Plan B school and wait for a potential appointment to USNA or rescind my application and commit to my...
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    Who else is still CPR?

    I'm still under CPR. Submitted my app in mid January. Received Presidential and Congressional nom.
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    Application Status

    My application was submitted in the middle of January. To this day, it is still under the status of CPR. Just curious about the ETA for a notification would be.....I know I submitted the application a bit later than I should have..TYTY