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    Army ROTC 2022-2023 2nd Board

    War Eagle! DD got 4 year (nursing)
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    USCGA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    I have followed these forums for a few years. My oldest son set his sights on the service academies at the age of 13. It was an intense ride. He pushed himself in every aspect; sports, leadership, & academics. He was strong, but not exceptional in any one area. I’d call it well-rounded. He was...
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    USCGA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    1) TexasAggie204 / DS / 12/10/2019 / PA / Mechanical Engineering / Undecided 2) SwimMom24 / DD / 12/10/2019/ LOA/ Cyber Systems/ WA / Awaiting DODMERB waiver 3) HCopter / DD / 12/10/2019 / No LOA / TX / Cyber Systems / Undecided 4) ProudMom7/ DD / 12/10/2019 / MES / Awaiting DODMERB waiver 5)...
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    3 Year Upgrade to 4 ?

    My son was notified by email from the Scholarship and Enrollment Officer within his anticipated battalion that he was upgraded form a 3-year to a 4-year. It was a huge blessing to our family. He was able to transfer his scholorship to an alternative school through help from the S&EO in March...