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    Being recruited for sports, how does that work?

    Face time with the coaches helps a lot also. Get to their camps early if you can. The sooner you get on their radar the better!
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread.

    [1. Nograde1, Maine 2. Maine~er, DS, ME-02, Senator Collins nom, Jan 8 3. DanD, NC-09, Congressman Robert Pittenger nom, Mar 4 4. kart27, CA-25, Congressman McKeon nom, Feb 5 5. TheEvanCat, FL-15, Representative Ross nom, Apr 3 6. Fetinia, DS, NY-06, Rep. Gracie Meng nom, Mar 31 7. QBsdad, DS...
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    IN KY TN MI MO and Arkansas

    Where outside of St. Louis? We are 45 miles SW of STL along the MO river.
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    IN KY TN MI MO and Arkansas

    So status for my DS now shows - LOA-CFA, NOM, No MED. He has a waiver from USAFA but haven't gotten it from USMMA yet. Does this mean he's accepted pending a med waiver?
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    Friday appointments

    Thanks! I was an officer in the Air Force as were 2 of my siblings, 2 others sibs and my father were decorated officers in the Navy. My grandfather drove a tank with Patton and my great grandfather was a Calvary officer in WWI. We know all about service beyond self! USAFA was my DS's first...
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    IN KY TN MI MO and Arkansas

    I was asking if any new appointments had been announced for MO. Class of 2019... It was my understanding that due to staff shortages, MO hadn't been reviewed yet.
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    What's the best that can happen?

    DS got this from admissions today: "All appointments have not gone out. Decisions should be going out from now to April for the bulk of it. As to when exactly the appointments will go out I do not know. If USAFA is interested in you our Nominations Department will try to help with the...
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    IN KY TN MI MO and Arkansas

    Just curious if anyone from these states have even been appointed? My understanding is MO hasn't been touched yet.
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    Friday appointments

    I'm just thankful that my DS got a full ride to play FB for a civilian college and we get to get off this crazy roller coaster. My heart goes out to you all because I know it's agonizing for you. Keep the faith and remember that the good Lord has a plan for all of you. Best of luck to you all...
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    Any one? Any one? Bueller... Bueller...

    There doesn't seam to be much going on with USMMA lately. No new appointments? No chatter? We were led to believe that after January 31st things would get kicked into high gear with admissions clearing out everyone without a nomination. Is this normal for things to be so quiet? Just curious.
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    official visit

    AMF - I wasn't dissing on the USMMA or at least I didn't mean to. I was just paraphrasing my 18 y/o DS. He is fully aware that freshman year at any service academy is a lot different from any other college.
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    official visit

    Students interested in visiting the Academy should call, toll free, 1-866-546- 4778, or 516-726-5646 to schedule an appointment. For prospective midshipmen, a visit to the Academy is strongly encouraged. Overnight visits are limited to high school seniors or graduates who are applying to the...
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    official visit

    Here is what my DS had to say: School = not so good (facilities or lack there of, some teachers and the Plebe year BS), Football (coaches and fellow teammates) and Sea Year = Totally make it worth it, After graduation= $$$$$$$ or lots of choices.
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    official visit

    It was very good. We got to spend time with quite a few of the current Plebes and 1C1's that are playing football. Interestingly, the Plebes all told him to go Air Force but everyone else told him Sea Year and football make everything else worth it and to choose KP. The coaches and other...
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    Chances for Acceptance

    We are here at KP on a visit with my DS right now. We spent the entire day talking with current students and admissions folks. We had lunch with the Regiment. They only accept 250 out of over 7000 applicants. Based on what I've seen in your posts and my observations from today I would...
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    official visit

    We are taking our DS to visit MMA this week. Any suggestions on what "Not To Miss"?
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    January 15th Letter

    My DS got a deferred also and the letter says to continue to update them with any new information.
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    Band Co.

    Huh? Is there a scientific notation related to this theory? Is this Newton's 5th law?:p
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    January Appointments

    Here are some clips from emails my DS had with his admissions counselor I thought I would share. He is anxious like the rest: (discussing EA) -- "We have a rolling selections so you may hear anything from now to May. Unfortunately, some candidates will be deferred to regular selections that...
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    Truth or not? - Football

    I can't tell you how much that helps hearing. Thank you both.