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    Service Academy Covid-19 vaccine policy

    That sucks for current cadets who want to be pilots.
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    To stay, or transfer?

    It sounds like you are a Doolie, and you are in the middle of the Dark Ages there (Nov-January--I think). I am not telling you what to do or what not to do, but I will say that the yelling and crappy stuff of being a Doolie IMMEDIATELY stops after recognition. If that sort of stuff is the...
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    Superintendent's Pin

    My cadet thinks it is top 10%. He knows it isn't a number, it is a percentile. He is not a candidate. 😉
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    Parents Weekend Lodging Advice for Doolie Families

    This was some of the best advice given to us, so I thought I would share it. Doolies will need to wear service blues EVERYWHERE they go off base on Parents Weekend. This includes hotel lobbies and restaurants. So, as much as you want to treat them to a great meal out and a fancy hotel room...
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    BCT Question

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    Ask a Doolie Anything

    Only to add wake up times, like many other things, are squadron dependent. DS's squadron's minutes are at 4:50AM. Or he wakes up then for 5AM minutes. I don't want to misstate, but it is early either way.
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    Exhausted Doolie Parent

    My cadet sometimes has the same feelings, but he got good marks on 2 GRs this week, so that lifted his spirits and confidence. I do, however, has a little "golden nugget" in my back pocket for the next pendulum swing: "Being negative only makes a journey more negative. You may be given a...
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    What are doilies called, formally?

    Autocorrect isn't in the military. She switched it, but thanks for the helpful correction.
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    What are doilies called, formally?

    am looking to get a cake topper for DS's graduation. When people speak to him at USAFA, will he be referred as anything other than plebe, dirt, doolie , less than a human? LOL. I guess what I am asking is does he have a "rank " day one?
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    Parents with exceptionally resilient and successful kids do these 7 things

    I definitely do not believe in #6, and I do think it is detrimental to our kids. All coaches in DS's sport, and he will be playing at USAFA, hate the early specialization, and promote the good ol' sand lot/pick up game as one of the best skill developers and a way to dodge burnout. I am...
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    Form 4482

    My son had no relationship with has ALO at ALL. However, DS just sent him a short email basically saying his name and he is thrilled to receive an appointment and could the ALSO sign the form. It was returned within 24 hours with a polite congratulations.
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    USAFA Appointment Folder (Blue Folder) arrival

    DS received his today. "L"
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    COVID Vaccine

    Now that JanJ is approved again, can't they get that? One and done helps our timing.
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    Servicemember's Group Life Insurance

    I want to change our option, but we submitted the form. Can it easily be changed now or wait until next year?
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    I am a mom looking for a keepsake!!😋
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    Oh, that would be unfortunate. Yet another unlucky break for these HS seniors.
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    DS received his appointment in January, and immediately accepted. I am sure he doesn't care now, but it would be nice to have something other than the letter printed out from the portal. Have people received BFEs this year? I know it always is weird timing, and especially with admissions WFH...
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    Appointed to 4: USAFA, USCGA, USMA and USNA

    Sort a play on the "just throw darts:" Do that, but then if one SA gets eliminated, and DC is super bummed, that would be a leading indicator to me. If DC REALLY shows no emotions having SAs eliminated, go with the last man standing. ETA: Especially when/if Navy is eliminated, based on your...
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    Covid Vaccines for cadets?

    Oh, I know. Really, I do. I also know we (all citizens) don't have a say in what vaccine we get. Again, just personal opinion, if he (or I) is/am going to get a nonFDA approved vaccine, I would at least like it to be the traditional type of vaccine as opposed to mRNA. J&J can't even hit...
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    Covid Vaccines for cadets?

    I think if DS gets one at all, I would be more open to it being JandJ.