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    Will I get accepted

    I just wanted to tell you that my DS received his appointment email in early June. I saw what my DS went through...lows and highs...and I somewhat understand. Don't give up. Have a plan B. I hope you won't have to wait til June... but if you do, it will all be worth it. Good Luck!
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    When will I hear?

    arkcandidate, in the past, Rejection email arrived in few waves. Though not many, appointments can be offered til June. Don't lose hope...but have plan B. Good luck to you.
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    I-day Schedule

    After you see your DS off, there isn't any formal event until the swearing in ceremony next morning. Your work is done. There is an optional lunch hosted by the Colorado Parents Club. After lunch, you may choose to "look" for your DS with his squadron "marching", from the Chapel area. Good...
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    WP SLE opening/closing parent question

    Since we are only few hours away, we attended both. After you drop off your DD/DS, they go off with their squad leader and parents have option to attend a hour long briefing where they explained the admissions process. We decided to attend and sat though the duration however, little by...
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    Congressional Nomination Source

    dashg16, I'm not sure which MOC district you can obtain your nomination(s) from (since you and your family live in VA-10)...but IF you are eligible to apply in IL-02, there's no question. IL-02! Southeastern Suburb of Chicago to Kankakee vs. Loudoun/Fairfax. I agree with ktnatalk and...