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    Boarded under consideration changed to boarded

    I heard we should hear by Friday. I'm thinking this may have caused the change??
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    AROTC 3rd board

    my son's changed as well. I'm thinking we should be hearing in a few days.
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    Need suggestions for ARMY ROTC

    My son received a 3 year AD scholarship this past year and my husband just started as an Army ROTC PMS a few months back. One thing I suspected when my son received his scholarship (and my husband has since confirmed,) is that your personal interview and your desire to commision counts a lot...
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    AROTC Scholarship Not Awarded

    I've been reading everyone's comments and felt like I had to share my son's stats. He received a 3 yr scholarship yesterday but compared to everyone's grades listed above, his were not as good - 3.3 avg / 1200 SAT. He does play sports and lettered, participates in JROTC as well as does some...
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    2nd Scholarship Board Results published (2/8/17)

    My son was awarded a 3 year to his #1 (Citadel) and #2 (UNG). Citadel called him to tell him congratulations before we knew the results were posted. He is beyond excited!!
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    AROTC Interview Score

    Thanks! That's what I was thinking but was surprised when I saw people mentioning their score.
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    AROTC Interview Score

    I've noticed in other threads people mentioning their AROTC interview score. Is there a way to find out on the scholarship site what score you were given during the interview process?
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    Chance me VMI/Citadel?

    My son was accepted into both and your grades / Activites are very similar. I'd say you have an excellent chance. Sorry about your father. I too lost mine at a young age.
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    The Citadel...Class of 2021

    Yes. He plays football so right now we are signed up for the pre-knob event on Nov 10-11. If his team makes the playoffs though , We'll have to switch to the January date. We're in Augusta GA so The Citadel is about 3 hours away. We've visited twice but, I think the overnight visit will be great !
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    Norwich University - New Parents

    Thanks! He's been asking for a car so.... I guess not. Saves me more money which I can put towards college!
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    Norwich University - New Parents

    My son was just accepted last week for the Class of 2021. Is he allowed to have a car on campus his freshman year? I ask because I know there are some SMU's who do not allow a car during the freshamn year.
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    Norwich Admissions

    My son submitted end of Juy and received his acceptance as well as a scholarhsip beginning of October. Good luck!!
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    The Citadel...Class of 2021

    My son just received his acceptance letter too yesterday!! Congratulations!