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    Prescribed Medication Question

    Suicidal ideation is a mental illness under the DSM. Completing the act is undeniably mental illness. It doesn’t matter why. However it manifests itself, mental illness places others at risk, whether they are fellow cadetts, supeiriors, or subordinates. Mental illness does indeed need to be...
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    Prescribed Medication Question

    And I know of two cadets this semester who went past the ideation part. USAFA is way too lenient on mental health. For the sake of those suffering from a mental illness, and for the sake of the wing and the Airmen the cadets may some day lead, USAFA needs to vigorously enforce the DODMERB...
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    Class of 2027 Waitlist

    Dear Lord. Have a nice life.
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    Class of 2027 Waitlist

    Thanks for posting what’s already been posted and doesn’t really pertain to the question asked or advice given in this thread. We aren’t talking about a kid who has an appointment in hand. If we were I would agree with you. We are talking about someone on the waitlist, who historically has a...
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    Class of 2027 Waitlist

    Actually, it is. Bermuda requires a passport for US citizens. But when cadets travel internationally as part of academy programs, they don’t use anything more than their CAC. That goes for Bermuda (several times) and 4 different European countries my grad went to. Some by boat, some by plane...
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    Class of 2027 Waitlist

    Oh really? Please explain.
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    Class of 2027 Waitlist

    As I thought, it’s on the list of things you are supposed to report with, not that you can’t show up to Day1 without it. You are also suposed to have 47 pairs of white underwear. They don’t turn you away if you have 46 pairs of grey. So make a phone call to admissions or spend the money on the...
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    Class of 2027 Waitlist

    Does it say you can’t report on day 1 without it or is it just in the list of things you are supposed to report with? Two very different things. You think CGA requires everyone on the waitlist to go get passports on the off and unlikely chance they get plucked from the waitlist? Have they told...
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    USAFA Waiting Thread C/O 2027

    How conceited of you to think those two things can’t co-exist. You’d be surprised at how many recruited athletes are on the supe’s list.
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    Class of 2027 Waitlist

    While CGA wants them to have their passports, they never use them. My grad was in half a dozen countries, including arriving by plane, and never used a passport. Those on the waitlist shouldn’t be sweating the passport, and it’s certainly not worth paying extra to expedite it.
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    Are you sure it isn’t for unaided distant visual acuity?
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    Pentagon Leak

    Boy, I sure hope the data isn’t on a laptop, or we will never get to the bottom of this. Have intelligence officials considered that it could be Russian disinformation?
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    Hot Takes/Unpopular Opinions?

    There are only two genders.
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    No Sports?

    I think anyone who has played contact sports and participated in band would agree that they are very different experiences. The rand report and admission statistics seem to indicate they are weighed differently by the academies, and appropriately so. The mission of the academies is to graduate...
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    Quit HS Wrestling?

    Lol - then eliminate wrestling. They are synonymous.
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    Varsity Letter Senior Year

    Well, that’s a bit of an overstatement. The NTDP is composed of the best players in the entire country. Not only are they all D1 players eventually, they are all drafted. Many in the first round. But yes, many Minnesota high school hockey teams are better than many club programs, but it...
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    phase 1 SS cadre

    Imagine 5 years from now your daughter is an ensign on a fast response cutter and the poop hits the fan. There will be lots of yelling - and it will be in a small space. Now imagine 6 years from now and she has her boarding officer certification and boards a drug running boat and the poop REALLY...
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    Walking Onto the Lacrosse Team

    Read the article you posted. Pannel was a Div 1 recruit, just not at the places he wanted, until he physically matured later than a lot of his peers. He was very young for his year in school. This occurred during a time when early recruiting in lacrosse was rampant. It isn’t anymore, as the ncaa...
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    I'm Ready to Start Drinking.

    Kegs and eggs are a special treat on appropriate occasions, but I wouldn’t clean my toilet with Budweiser.
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    How to find ALO

    Your ALO won’t be able to answer these questions.