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    USNA Class of 2027 Appointment List Updated By Posters

    Congratulations - you couldn't have made a wrong decision either way, except if you had not weighed the decision and taken the time to make a thoughtful one! Character and couth are import, as I'm sure you know. Sometimes learning about them is accomplished best by observing first-hand the...
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    USAFA Waiting Thread C/O 2027

    DS got the USAFA TWE on the 18th - no email, just showed up on his portal. He had already received appointments to USNA and USMA months ago. Based upon lurking and participation in the forum, I'll never quite understand how these admissions folks make their decisions, but I think the most...
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    USAFA Appointment Certificate

    Exactly. The "Well, he/she just didn't want it bad enough and wasn't committed enough to go there" doesn't address the absolute fact that their lack of recruitment and outreach leads to them missing out on great candidates who also have appointments to USMA and/or USNA.
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    Will "not being considered for an appoint" be held against me for applying the following year?

    My suggestion is reapply and explain yourself. It sounds like you have an interesting perspective to provide. This is not a binary evaluation, so tell your story and be you. It sounds to me like you'll definitely be in the mix.
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    USAFA Appointment Certificate

    Appreciate your perspective - probably pretty accurate of the large majority. My son initially had a goal of getting an appointment to USMA - probably the name recognition alone was the reason it was at the top for a teenager - but he knew that he wanted the rigor of a SA. We then took our...
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    USAFA Appointment Certificate

    Sorry you haven't heard of someone called the JV team when it doesn't seem like they have their stuff together. I certainly didn't make it up. You seemed to miss the entire point of my response, though. It's not about patting anyone on the back, and I certainly didn't focus on anyone getting...
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    USAFA Appointment Certificate

    I also find it weird how USAFA does it. It's not the end of the world to not get the certificate, but Army and Navy (both on the service academy side and the ROTC side) have all sent the BFE within maybe 5 days max of the decision being made. They have the same evaluations and hard work to do...
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    Ask me anything plebe

    Little brother will probably end up pilfering our older son's stuff, too! I was under the impression 4/c and 3/c would have no civilian clothing at USNA at all
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    Ask me anything plebe

    Trying for the most unique/odd question here: Any insight on what parents do with all of their kid's clothes/belongings when they head off to USNA?
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    Can Army pull 3-year ROTC scholarship before it begins?

    Appreciate the insight. I'm glad I have this forum to vet out all options to help ensure he makes a 100% eyes open decision. Prior to applying, he was leaning West Point...until he visited USAFA. Then back again to West Point when he visited there after. Then after he did USNA summer seminar...
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    Can Army pull 3-year ROTC scholarship before it begins?

    He has. He's actually sitting on West Point and Navy appointments, as well. Still waiting on USAFA. He wants to serve, and will most likely decline West Point if he hasnt already done so and will probably ultimately choose USNA, but he also wants to gather as much info as possible before...
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    Can Army pull 3-year ROTC scholarship before it begins?

    DS just received news he would be getting a 3 year Army ROTC scholarship, so I was wondering how iron-clad those are? Obviously if he's not pulling his weight academically, physically, morally, etc., I understand that. Any other pitfalls to be aware of? DS is looking at really expensive...
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    Does USMA care about club sports on resumes?

    Perfect opportunity to ask your club organization if you're going to be a captain.
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    Candidate Visit Weekend and Brigade PT

    Son attended in October and they were all allowed to take CFA Saturday morning.
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    Candidate Visit Weekend

    That's a good rough shot estimate, based upon the number of kids I saw when I accompanied my son.
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    USMA Class of 2027 Appointment List - Self-Updating

    # Username DS/DD/SELF LOA/No LOA APPT Date Status State Nom Source Direct/Non-Direct 1 saaplicant232 Self 7-Oct-22 Undecided Presidential Direct Appointment 2 ChatterMom2 DD LOA 28-Oct-22 Will Decline Presidential Direct Appointment 3 Morey8525 Self LOA 28-Oct-22 Will Accept OH...
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    USNA Class of 2027 Appointment List Updated By Posters

    1. ChatterMom 2/ DD / Oct 12,2022 / Will Accept/ Presidential, JROTC/ Direct 2. T37ip/DS/19 Oct 22/LOA/ Declined/ Presidential / Direct 3. Light8004 / Self / OCT 20, 22 / undecided / JROTC / Direct 4. MajMartin / DD / Oct 20, 2022 / Accepted / Presidential / Direct / NH 5. GoArmyBeatNavy98 / DS...
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    I-day Acclimation

    My kid is a flatlander, but an absolute unit - very fit strength and cardio. We got there for baseball workouts two days ahead of time to try our best to acclimatize him a bit and he still ended up being one of those kids hugging a trash can after running. If you're in poor shape it's not...
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    Some have their heart set on an academy they have not yet heard from. Some haven't made a decision on which academy they have received offers from suits them best, yet. Others are awaiting ROTC decisions - the ability to go to a "normal" school, enjoy more freedom than an academy, and still...
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    Am I the only one absolutely shocked 1 pullup would result in a pass? Prior to this post, I would have been under the assumption this would definitely result in a fail.