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    Answering questions for C/O 2022

    It's probably just to keep count of the people interested so they can keep the program going. I was interested earlier, but after realizing the time commitment required and how much I miss within the squad I decided not to do it. Significantly less people than who initially show interest...
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    AH_IWTBP/self/No LOA/Appt.Mar 15, 2017/ IL-06/ Senator Mark Kirk and Congressman Roskam
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    Illinois nominations

    Then I believe your DD was competitive enough to not be interviewed! Congrats to her! I do believe they could have changed the process because of the election this year.
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    Illinois nominations

    Thank you! He did not. He is known for not giving interviews, as far as I know. Durbin DOES do interviews. I have not been contacted by his office so I'm guessing Kirk already shared the information with him so they don't re-nominate candidates. Roskam's committee did tell me Kirk was probably...
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    Illinois nominations

    That's weird because I just received in mail informing me I've been nominated to USAFA by Kirk! Just confirmed on my portal as well. I hope I can receive a nomination for USNA by Roskam now...
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    What is a good GPA?

    USAFA has calculated my GPA to be 4.17 which stayed the same from the one my counselor reported. However, this is relatively a lower GPA among the students at my school and I was wondering what a good GPA is to be academically qualified for USAFA? Thank you for your responses!
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    DoDMERB Deadline?

    I have been contacted to schedule my physical exams for DoDMERB. However, I'm not told by what date I need to schedule them by. I have emailed my counselor but I am getting no response. Does anyone know the deadline for the scheduling the DoDMERB appointments?
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    Sports help...

    Hello to all, I'm currently a Junior in High School working for my acceptance into the AFA. I have a question that you guys might be able to help me out with. To start off, I started Taekwondo when I was a 6 year old in Korea. I've done it throughout my entire youth until I moved into states...