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    DQ for history of OCD - shouldn't a unit-written observation and letter be sufficient?

    Thank you for your response, Sir. I meant sufficient for becoming medically qualified, but I understand what you mean. I will email you right now.
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    DQ for history of OCD - shouldn't a unit-written observation and letter be sufficient?

    Recently, I was disqualified for having a "history of obsessive-compulsive disorder". While I am again in the waiver process and have submitted all AMI already, this is my second disqualification. I submitted full counselor notes, an update from my counselor saying that she never thought about...
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    Therapy session summary not good enough for AMI?

    Thank you Sir. I appreciate the help.
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    Therapy session summary not good enough for AMI?

    I'm in the same boat as Akiba1964 - except my summary letter from a counselor was initially accepted. I was DQ'ed on another issue, which I'm taking care of, but after getting a wavier they are telling me the letter is insufficient. @MullenLE, would I be able to email you my case as well? Thank you.
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    AFROTC vs NROTC programs

    Hi Curioustopping! I know this message is a little untimely but I'm writing this because I'm currently in an almost identical position as you were in 3 years ago. Won both a NROTC scholarship and AFROTC 3yr type 2 language scholarship (LREC). Similarly, I preffered AF over Navy. You can check my...
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    Hello all, I'm currently preparing to attend NSI and do NROTC at Boston College, but was also awarded an AFROTC foreign language major Type 2 scholarship, so ~60k a year for three years with a tuition of ~200k. Obviously, the Navy makes more sense financially (full tuition all 4 years), and I...
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    AFROTC Scholarship Out-of-state rate

    Hi guys, I received a type 7 afrotc scholarship which covers full tuition for in-state schools. However, I'm pretty sure i've read on some of these threads that certain state schools are willing to offer scholarship winners the in-state tuition rate, meaning the type 7 benefits apply. Is this...
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    NROTC Scholarship results?

    I think if you scroll down on the home page for NROTC theres an option to "check status of application." If you scroll down you should find it.
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    NROTC Scholarship Results Release??

    I read online that results can be released anytime from mid-march to early May. Guess it comes down to wait and see, I'm in the same boat as you man. Also waiting for Army ROTC results to be released.
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    AROTC Major

    Ok, thank you for the response. Yeah, I agree that I think I have to stay within my foreign language major to be eligible for the scholarship. However, I wasn't aware that the major had a culture and history component along with the language. Is this a general trend with foreign language college...
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    AROTC Major

    Hello all, I just received an AFROTC type 7 scholarship as a foreign language major. I'm wondering, can I only switch between languages within my foreign language major, or can I also switch to a non-technical major? If I must stick with a foreign language, can I double major in college (i.e...