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    Initial Strength Test

    So during the first few days there will be an Initial Strength Test? Is this the same as an initial PRT? Meaning is this Max PU in 2', Max SU in 2' and Timed 1.5 mile run? Or is this different? Timed 1 mile run + Max PU and Max SU? Is this done like the CFA, with a few minutes between each...
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    A few questions for new Plebe (car ins, 529, scholarships, ...)

    Two questions for experienced Mids and Parents: 1. I've heard Plebes are not allowed to drive, so should I take my DD off of car insurance for now? 2. Is there any advantage/dis-advantage to putting any money from 529 plan and/or scholarships into the new Plebe's NFCU bank account? The...
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    No one on these forums, unless they work for admissions, truly knows the 'formula' for success. Things are changing each year. Last year's admissions process affected the process this year, as it does every year. I hope everyone keeps things in perspective. It's not just about gender or...
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    Mass. nominations?

    Rockats - Any response from Markey's office to your email? Thanks!
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    Senior midshipman visit

    Any comment from a B&G officer? OPINFO Mid visits during Thanksgiving break... I know this is part of the OPINFO program. The real question is: Is the more a benefit to the current Mid (to get a little extra time at home) who participates in meeting current candidates? How do the...
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    Nominations interview

    How may Ds and Ss do you have? Help me out here. Are us saying you have two DDs and one DS who will have a total of 11 nomination interviews or are you saying you have 10 D's and 1 S?
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    Average ACT score for USNA?

    Can you provide some stats? Other than your ACTs, any insight into your other factors? Leadership? Varsity sports? Being recruited? Legacy? State? Thanks and Congratulations!
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    Class of 2019 Nomination/Appointment Thread

    Congratulations! That's great news! What state are you in?
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    Class of 2019 Nomination/Appointment Thread

    Not much going on this week I guess? Haven't seen much in the way of LOAs or Appointments this week. I wonder if the board didn't meet last week or finished its LOA quota for the year... Thoughts?
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    Have any LOA's gone out for the class of 2019?

    Yes Early decision it's not an option if the academy is your DD or DS first choice. If they get in early decision to their plan b, they have to take it. Kind of stinks. Too much pressure these days for the applicants.
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    Varsity sports during admissions process?

    Makes sense. Some more thoughts to consider... Obviously Football and Basketball rule the day in Division 1 athletics. Basing the priority of sport beyond Football and Basketball has to be based on the 'marketing factor' or the exposure a team or athlete wearing Blue and Gold with Navy...
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    Varsity sports during admissions process?

    So how much can being a recruit help? Let's say the candidate is triple qualified and is a 'nice to have' caliber recruit, not a blue chip. How much influence can a varsity coach really have? I'm guessing it can only help your case. Could it lead more towards an LOA? Any personal experiences...
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    Have any LOA's gone out for the class of 2019?

    Facts please One of the more frustrating aspects of the internet and forums such as these is the lack of factual data. When a statement about smaller class size and fewer LOAs is made it's easy to take this as fact. Unless you're speaking on behalf of the admissions board I'm inclined to take...
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    Conflicted about my LOA. Help please.

    Can you define 'fully completed'? Was your status on everything complete? For example, were you waiting on your guidance counselor for anything, or the recommendations? Thanks and Congratulations!
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    Two candidates from same high school?

    Thoughts on religon Never really got an answer. Does religon matter?
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    Two candidates from same high school?

    Does religion matter? Seems like some religions might be under-represented at the academies? Thoughts on Muslim, Judaism, Catholicism?