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    Post-Appointment Class of 2027 Hangout: PTR, I-Day, What To Bring, Leave Periods…all that endless new stuff

    I do not know if this link has been posted here, but Admissions started a YouTube channel specifically for the Class of 2027 about a month ago. Separate videos cover many topics, from physical training to academics. Link:
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    Athletic recruiting

    My recent experience as a father of two recruited athletes (but not “Blue Chip”) at two different SAs, was very consistent with La-Jag and Navy Hoops above. In essence the coach would help, but it was on the student to have the grades/SAT to get into the SA and on them to obtain the nomination.
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    USNA Class of 2027 Appointment List Updated By Posters

    1. ChatterMom 2/ DD / Oct 12,2022 / Will Accept/ Presidential, JROTC/ Direct 2. T37ip/DS/19 Oct 22/ undecided/ Presidential / Direct 3. Light8004 / Self / OCT 20, 22 / undecided / JROTC / Direct 4. MajMartin / DD / Oct 20, 2022 / Accepted / Presidential / Direct / NH 5. GoArmyBeatNavy98 / DS...