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    Understanding AFOQT scores

    My son recently received his AFOQT scores. Pilot- 88 Navigator-66 Academic aptitude- 46 Verbal-50 Quant-44 He is wanting a pilot slot.
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    AFROTC cadet received aggressive driving ticket. How.will will this affect his scholarship?

    My son received an aggresive driving ticket last night. He said he wasn't speeding or weaving. The officer said my son was following too closely. My son is going to Police dept tomorrow to review the video footage. He is worried about how this will affect his AFROTC scholarship. He has never...
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    AFROTC scholarship question regarding additional information

    My son has received a Type 7 AFROTC scholarship. When/will we received additional information regarding this scholarship? Will we received something in the mail? Does AFROTC notify my school of choice about the scholarship?
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    Questions about AFROTC type 7 scholarship

    My son received a type 7 AFROTC scholarship. When he applied for the scholarship he listed his desired majors in the aerospace engineering type fields. The school that he is wanting to use the scholarship only has 4 listed AFROTC approved majors(mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and...
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    Applying to USAFA from AFROTC

    I currently have a similar situation. I would like to know the answer to these questions also.
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    ROTC and college selection

    Is you applicant in state for Auburn?
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    ROTC and college selection

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    Accepting AFROTC scholarship and applying next year for USAFA?

    I applied to the USAFA and was not accepted. I have received an AFROTC type 7 scholarship. Can I accept the AFROTC scholarship, attend approved school my freshman year then reapply to USAFA next year?
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    Quick question regarding type 7 AFROTC scholarship

    My son has been awarded a type 7 AFROTC scholarship. He specified on his degree interest aerospace related fields and also one computer engineering. When he logged into his scholarship it gave him 5 options for course of study. He just wanted to look to see what he was offered. He then closed it...
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    New AFROTC mom with questions

    Thank you sir.
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    New AFROTC mom with questions

    My son was notified via email that he has been awarded a type 7 Air Force ROTC scholarship. I am new to this process. My son has applied at Auburn, Embry Riddle, and USNA. He has been accepted to both Auburn and Embry Riddle. We are still patiently waiting to hear from the USNA and USAFA...
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    GA Rep Loudermilk appts?

    We are in Northwest Georgia (14th District).
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    GA Rep Loudermilk appts?

    Congratulations! We are patiently waiting in Georgia. Praying for good news. Its been a lifelong dream for my flyboy!
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    I am new to this process. My son is waiting for word on whether he has received an appointment. I am very anxious also wanting to know if he will be attending an SA or one of his backup plans. Would it be acceptable to contact the admissions counselor to see if his application has been reviewed...