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    USAFA Class of 2020 Appointment Thread

    1.kmlDad2020 DS 12/14/2015, Senator & MOC dist.9, CA 2. Replevin DD 12/17/2015 call from Sen Nelson's office, FL 3. FalconsRock DD 12/17/2015, Presidential, Senator McCain and Rep Franks (Dist. 8 AZ) 4. Dallas1 DS 12/23/2015, MOC Nom, FL 5. Cezme DD 12/17/2015, US Representative, VA's...
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    Principal Nom Timetable For Appointment Question

    No my portal doesn't distinguish me as a principal nom, it just says I have the nomination. Sorry for the confusion!
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    Nominations (Out of State)

    I did all 3 (senators and Rep) interviews over the phone (I was participating in a program at USAFA that interfered with the Senator interviews, and had a very important hockey game interfering with the Representative interview) They told me that my dedication to my team was honorable, and I...
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    Principal Nom Timetable For Appointment Question

    Okay great, thanks for your insight! Best of luck and I hope to see you in June!
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    Principal Nom Timetable For Appointment Question

    Hi everyone! I have a question regarding the timetable for admissions. I completed my application during the first week of December, and received a principal nomination to USAFA from my MOC during the first week of January. I am medically qualified (passed Dodmerb in August without any issues)...
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    Required Classes to attend USAFA

    Hello all, I am currently a senior in highschool and a candidate to the USAFA. I have received a principal nomination from my congressman, and am fully qualified to attend (medically, physically, etc.) I know that USAFA lays out "recommendations" for classes to take in highschool, and I have...