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    Injuries while on scholarship

    Will this affect my scholarship status at all?
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    Injuries while on scholarship

    Hi, I am a first year AROTC student on a 4 year scholarship. My sophomore year of high school I tore my ACL. I rehabbed and was back to full strength and cleared by DODMERB. I'm not sure if I have definitely retore it or not. I had it diagnosed as an MCL tear in March and asked if I needed to...
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    What are my chances of receiving a AROTC scholarship?

    I believe it's army, but I do fully agree with Andrew.
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    What are my chances of receiving a AROTC scholarship?

    My plan A was academy (fell through), plan B was ROTC, plan C was no scholarship ROTC with out of state school, plan D was enlisting in national guard. Have back up plans in case a ROTC scholarship doesn't work out.
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    What are my chances of receiving a AROTC scholarship?

    I think you're looking pretty good, but never take anything for granted! I got all the way down to a plan D before I received my scholarship.
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    What are my chances of receiving a AROTC scholarship?

    I did not play sports after sophomore year but still received 4-year as an engineering major at a private school. What is your class size? Only difference between our profiles is I am an Eagle Scout and had slightly more service hours, but you are in JROTC which I have heard are weighed equally...
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    Teacher Recs

    Quick question about teacher recommendations. I applied last year, but I did not receive a nomination for West Point, but 3 for USNA (logically, you'd think they communicate better). I will be reapplying this year, however, I am not sure who I am supposed to get a LOR from, college professors or...
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    AROTC Second Board

    GO COUGS!!! Not going there, but family is a Cougar Family and will always bleed Crimson and Gray.
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    BS/MS Engineering Scholarship Extension

    Just curious, minus having a masters paid, is there any advantage in having a masters as far as promotion, branching, etc...
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    Care to Chance me for AFROTC Scholarship?

    I've maxed the sit ups and pushups for APFT, not sure if it's the same. For pushups, what will help most is doing full range of motion. Go all the way down and touch your chest to the ground. Also, work on different types of pushups to specifically strengthen your triceps and chest, diamond...
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    ROTC Program through partnership college

    I'm heading off to RPI this fall, mind if I PM you with a few questions?
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    Reapplying... worth it?

    Hey guys, this is my first time posting on the USMA thread, but have found it real helpful. I was planning on attending USNA for a long time because I wanted to be a Marine. However, I wrote the Army off. I'm not sure why, honestly. But as soon as I looked into the Army I got more excited than...
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    Army ROTC Scholarship Chances

    I would try to do some more leadership stuff. Special Olympics coach, local youth basketball league, help Coach at your boxing gym, etc... also, try to get yourself to 1300. If so, you got it.
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    AROTC Transfers

    Mine does not have the 2016-2017 link.
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    AROTC Transfers

    Thank you, did just that two days ago and my transfer was approved! Also, anyone else not being able to open the portal? Mine states "The deadline for beginning new applications for school year 2015-2016 has passed.The next application window for school year 2016-2017 begins 12 June 2015." No...
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    AROTC Transfers

    Thanks for all the responses! Guess that all there is to do is wait and pray! Much appreciated.
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    AROTC Transfers

    I am in contact, and he told me that he cannot see anything on his side for transfers. I called CC a couple weeks back and they had told me they received my request.
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    AROTC Transfers

    Surprised nobody has posted about this yet, so here I go. CC has extended the transfer request deadline to May 4th, it was previously April 15th. I put my request in before April 1st, and now will most likely have to wait til June to hear back. Would CC know earlier whether they will have spots...
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    Sports on your App. (or the lack thereof)

    My friend and I had nearly identical (1&2 school ranking) applications, his with a Varsity letter, mine without. He got appointment, I did not.
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    How's my essay?

    Agree with everyone above, no need to criticize it now. Just gonna try to give you ideas. In my essay (marine option), I spoke about an experience I had while backpacking. I used an anecdote that I believedon't the board would enjoy hearing and hopefully give them a glimpse of the type of...