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    Greystone Self prep., vs other self-preps

    From my knowledge of Greystone, they have only been at 2 different universities since their existence. Curious why you say they "move like the wind".
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    Updated Portal...What does this mean?

    I've heard from a few that have gotten e-mails and a few that haven't. No rhyme or reason from what I can see. Nothing like having to keep waiting when you know a decision has been made. Maybe check your spam if you haven't yet.
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    Updated Portal...What does this mean?

    Have you clicked on "Review"? I would think that's where the decision would be.
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    Portal Update Question

    Thank you! I assumed that was probably the case, but wasn't sure.
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    Portal Update Question

    Last week my DS's portal had a few changes take place (X's to checks, etc). Since then we have noticed a "Last Updated XX/XX/XXXX (insert time)" a few times each day. Is this an automatic thing that just takes place in the system periodically throughout the day, or does that mean they could be...
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    Questions, Chatter, Congrats for the 2026 USAFA Appointment Thread

    My DS is a college re-applicant and current Prepper. This wait is all too familiar and seems to be even more stressful than last year. He has solid Plans B & C in place, which are both great options, but USAFA is his #1 goal so hopefully those appointments roll in soon. Good luck to all hopefuls!
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    Greystone Prep

    Is there anyone here that can share their experience with Greystone Prep?
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    USAFA Preferred Prep School?

    I asked this on the USAFA thread, but haven't had any responses. I'm aware that there may not be an answer so that could be why. 😂 Does anyone know if USAFA has a "preferred" prep school for self-sponsored re-applicants? It seems like USMA & USMMA do, so I'm curious about USAFA.
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    USAFA Preferred Prep Schools?

    Does anyone know if USAFA has a "preferred" prep school for self-sponsored re-applicants? It seems like USMA & USMMA do, so I'm curious about USAFA.
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    Im sure this is a dumb question but how do the private military colleges work

    If you don't mind answering, I have a question. My son received a USAFA TWE. Right now he is torn between Plan B - self-admit to a prep school (Greystone possibly) or move forward with Texas A&M as an engineering major and Corps member. His plan is to reapply to SA's next year. As an A&M...
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    Waiting Game

    :bump8ls: Just felt like this needed a bump since there are so many posts in the 2025 Appointment thread that have a better place to be than there.
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    Boys State Equivalent?

    How did I not even think to look that up? 😂 I wish the answer to all of my questions was this easy. Thanks!
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    Boys State Equivalent?

    This may seem like a silly question but is there an equivalent to Boys State for females? Mostly in regards to how SA's view it on applications, but also in lines with the program.
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    Can I get in??

    Letter of Assurance Make sure to check the acronym list for anything you are unsure of. It's a big help because these forums are full of acronyms.
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    That made me laugh because that's exactly what our Congressman told my son 🤣
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    Waiting Game

    Are the portals updated overnight and not randomly throughout the day? Meaning, if we check at 8 a.m., do we need to not check until the following day or is there a chance it could update at any point throughout the day? In talking with other appointees in our district our MOC doesn't tend to...
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    How do I sign up for a windshield tour?

    Following because we will be in the area next week.
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    Email from Admissions Team?

    Did you get an e-mail to your personal or was there an e-mail sent to your portal?
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    Acceptance at non-SA

    Several good points and some great discussion made in that post!
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    Acceptance at non-SA

    These are the things that make us nervous, and could be part of what we originally saw. We were originally going to wait until May 1 to see if he receives a SA appointment, but campus housing has become a concern. It's a very large campus and the "better" housing options fill up fast.