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    Overweight Dobmerb Exam

    Hey, for my height, it says I have to be 169, however, I am around 175. My body fat percentage is completely healthy, would my weight be a disqualifier?
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    Dobmerb exam requested

    If West Point has requested a medical exam for you, does that mean you have a good chance at getting in? I read somewhere that they only request it if they think you are a competitive candidate.
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    Nominated Twice?

    Thanks for your response! Congrats to you DS
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    Nominated Twice?

    Hey guys, I've received a congressional nomination and it says "CA08" twice. Does this mean I have been nominated twice? Either way, I am grateful for the opportunity.
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    Are my CFA scores exceptable

    Been trying for about a month, definiely made improvements but I'm gonna keep trying
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    Are my CFA scores exceptable

    I wrote acceptable, check again lol, also i clicked the wrong forum, it looked like USMA but it was USMMA...
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    Can't login to DODMETS

    Hey guys, on my candidate file, it says "scheduler forwarded to DOBMERB" but when I try to login, it says it is incorrect. I have tried logging in with dashes on my SSN but it will not work, help!
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    Are my CFA scores exceptable

    Okay, I retook and increased a lot - my mile time is 8:57, my pushups are 32, my situps are around 61. I just cannot get a flexed arm hang but I'm gonna keep trying.
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    Are my CFA scores exceptable

    Hi I am a candidate for West Point, can someone tell me if my scores would be acceptable Shuttle Run - 10.2 Push Ups - 30 Flexed Arm Hang - 10 seconds Basketball throw - 50 feet Situps - 50 Mile time - 9:45
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    CFA fears

    We are literally in such a similar situation. I have managed to increase my pushups from 7 to over 20 in just a month. My family members who are in the army tell me every hour, to knock out 5 push-ups (this is very strenuous but it is effective). On days when I would be at school, I would just...