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    Bank account

    Long Story Short: Most people use USAA or Navy Federal but you don't have to. Personally, I bank with the NC Sate Employees Credit Union because of my parents which has pretty much all the same applicable benefits as Navy Federal or USAA for me and it's way more convenient. I will probably...
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    Rowing at the USAFA

    Do they at least have ergs at USAFA?
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    One Time Marijuana Use

    There are people here who have smoked several times in high school but are now successful cadets. They probably didn't list it on their DodMerb and they haven't had any problems yet. I would not worry about it especially if it was a one time thing that you regret. Don't guilt yourself over it...
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    For the first essay I believe it asks you about why you want to be in the coast guard. Personally I started my essay with an experience that changed the way I saw the world and pushed me towards the coast guard and military but it doesn't have to be super heavy. This creates an opening hook. I...
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    Questions about USCGA Life

    Weekends are tricky at the academy and you have to take advantage of them to the fullest to maintain your sanity. If you play a sport such as baseball which spends lots of weekends traveling in the spring try to make the most of your weekends in the fall. If you live nearby or have friends...